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20% discount on Recall titles

Discussion in 'Lippincott Williams & Wilkins' started by lauraLWW, 03.04.11.

  1. lauraLWW

    lauraLWW Exhibitor

    SDN Exhibitor SDN 2+ Year Member

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    Enjoy a 20% discount on Recall titles! Use promotion code: WBB456ZZ at checkout on

    The Recall Series is written in a rapid-fire question-and-answer format, with the question on the left side of the page and the answer on the right. Mnemonics are interspersed throughout. Each chapter is written by faculty, students, and fellows and emphasizes diagnosis and treatment. Most texts are the perfect fit for a lab coat pocket.

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    Medicine Recall

    Surgical Recall

    Obstetrics and Gynecology Recall

    Pediatrics Recall

    Radiology Recall

    Neurology Recall

    Psychiatry Recall

    Anatomy Recall

    Advanced Medicine Recall

    USMLE Step 2 Recall

    Microbiology Recall

    Toxicology Recall

    Osteopathic Medicine Recall
  2. IMGUSMLEStep1


    Medical Student
    SDN 2+ Year Member
    Do all of these books use a question and answer approach?
  3. lauraLWW

    lauraLWW Exhibitor

    SDN Exhibitor SDN 2+ Year Member

    Hi! Yes, all of the Recall titles utilize a question and answer format. However, some titles include a few extras like:
    • USMLE Step 2 Recall uses a case-based, rapid-fire question and answer format.
    • Surgical Recall includes both the print book and access to MP3 audio files of the entire text. All Q&A material will also be posted online in the form of electronic flashcards for self-quizzing.
    • Obstetrics and Gynecolgoy Recall offers tips for rotation and preparation for the Boards.
    All in all, the Recall series is a great resource!

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