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Discussion in 'Tech: Medical Apps, iOS, Android, medical devices' started by Veritas86, 03.15.12.

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  1. Veritas86


    Paris. TX

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    The ASUS Transformer Prime?

    I have an older laptop and don't really have the cash to upgrade at the moment vs. shelling out for one of those. But, check this out. Has an external keyboard dock, so it doubles as a mini laptop. Figure it'd be killer as far as portability, videos, and note taking.

  2. Stroganoff

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  3. xanthomondo

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    Haha yeah I do.

    Honestly if cost is an issue and you're looking for a complete computing item the Prime might not be a great buy. It will be $500 + $150 for the dock. For $650 you would get a pretty decent computer.

    I love my Prime, and I don't think I'll need a laptop in the future but that's because I have a solid desktop at home. There is no way that a tablet (of any kind) is ready to be used for 100% of your computing needs. Some web sites look horrible and be nonfunctional, and even if you click the "request desktop site" option the web site will still force its ****ty mobile version on you. Not to mention that not all applications are out there for Android that exist for PC.

    If you do have a desktop at home that you can use and are looking for something ultra light and portable I would go for it. You can use it as an ereader, Microsoft just released OneNote (which is an amazing program for taking notes, it got me through MS1 + 2) for Android tablets, and they have a great office suite software on it.

    I didn't purchase the keyboard yet, so I can't comment there. Also Asus is releasing the TF700 in June (source). If you can wait that long you might be able to get a TF200 (current model) for a cheaper price.

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