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Discussion in 'Hematology / Oncology' started by Lisochka, 11.27.11.

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  1. Lisochka

    Lisochka Senior Member 10+ Year Member


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    Here is a case, could you guys help out please?
    There is a unilateral lump on a rib; the lump is hard as a bone. Alomost like a part of a rib became bigger. There are some other lumps that appeared later, also on ribs but at different locations, also hard, almost like bones. They appeared out of nowhere, almost three months ago. In the fisrt week they did increase in size, but now the size has decreazed and stabilized. No pain.
    CT results; its a rib. MRI- no breast cancer.
    PCP's diagnosis: Prominent costochondral joints (Tried to find it in MDconsult and Uptodate-no luck. Is there a disease like that? I think he ment costochondritis, may be?)

    Do you guys think it is ganglion cysts? Or osteochondroma? May be it is Tietze syndrome-there is swelling here as oposed to costochondritis.
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