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Does Gunner training substitute first aid? (how similar are they?)

Discussion in 'Step I' started by Gunneria, 05.08.12.

  1. Gunneria



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    After some reading, can it be concluded that gunner training is basically an online-effective memory retaining version of First Aid? Both sources first and foremost are review sources and I agree they aren't meant to teach. But what I like the most about GT is the interface and I get to add notes and links of pics/youtube or kaplan clips/reference something to check out on a stuff that I do not understand for example so I can easily navigate and clarify my weaknesses. I think an online visual, quizzable interface in general facilitates my learning quite a lot. Yes I agree that GT doesn't teach, but neither does First Aid. At the same time, I do keep a set of background sources (ie.- pathoma, microcards) just to cover my initial bases.

    I was wondering, is it a smart idea to annotate leftover tidbits from first aid and potentially lecture notes as well ONTO GT? Is GT that comprehensive because I hear so much of people who annotate lecture notes onto first aid, etc...and I was wondring if GT can simply suffice? I think what ultimately teaches is problems, whether that may be GT or problem books.

  2. Brotato


    Isn't there a massive thread about GT already where people ask each other questions? Why did you make a new thread?

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