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GAMSAT Preparation Australia Ireland UK

Discussion in 'Gold Standard PreMed Headquarters' started by mcat prep, 04.30.10.

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    The GAMSAT is the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test and may very well be the single most important exam to face a student aiming for admissions to a growing number of medical schools in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

    It is a "paper and pencil" test as opposed to the MCAT CBT (Computer Based Test). Students sit the test once per year per country. The test dates for Australia and Ireland will be in March, 2011. The test date in the UK will be in September, 2011. Should there be any changes to the exam dates or any other modifications, get the up to date information here: GAMSAT UK, GAMSAT Ireland and GAMSAT Australia.


    Here are some helpful websites to help you get prepared with overview information, content review, practice problems, sample questions and practice full length tests.

    1. Comparing both standardized exams for entry to medical school: GAMSAT Preparation
    2. Selling GAMSAT Books with information about strategies, timing and when to begin your preparation.
    3. Home study prep course with forum and some free resources: GAMSAT
    4. Lecture filmed live in HD on campus in Sydney, Australia in 2010, covering techniques and strategies for sections 1, 2 and 3: GAMSAT Preparation Video (YouTube promo video is above for the Gold Standard DVD which was just released).
    5. Older website about GAMSAT Preparation with similar guidelines about timing.
    Good luck!
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