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Gettng the Date of your Choice

Discussion in 'Step I' started by mydoctormd, 06.08.02.

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  1. mydoctormd

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    Im in a situation My USMLE Aplication was rejected By because I neglected to bubble in the Region, of where I want to take the Exam. and My Rotations are Starting in Sept 1st week, I made the approprate corrections and now if all goes well I will be eligable to take them on Aug-1 ( which is when I will take them if I can ) Now I just want to know how difficult is it to get the Date of your Choice ( I am looking to recieve my Registartion card in month, Early July, )

    The Reason I ask this is because my score must be in by the time Rotations Start.. Thank You

    Thank You For any information

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