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GS tests: 10 independent Qs...

Discussion in 'Gold Standard PreMed Headquarters' started by SysBio, May 5, 2012.

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  1. SysBio


    Mar 8, 2008
    SDN 5+ Year Member
    I've noticed that the GS tests have:
    2 sections of independent Q's, and 10 in total

    But the real mcat is supposed to have:
    3 sections of independent Q's, and 13 total

    Why the difference?
    More practice for passage questions?
  2. dermocrat88


    Sep 21, 2009
    North East
    SDN 2+ Year Member
    Which test did you take? I noticed that while I was taking GS-3 and I felt like there were so much calculations, lol. I got a 9 in PS and could have gotten a 10 but I guessed on 9 questions because of time :(. Verbal wasn't too bad and I got a 9 in that section. I am going to take the BS in the next ten minutes, so we shall see.


    PS Keep practicing with GS and AAMC. I am going to buy TBR and I have to re-open my TPR account in order to get my TPR exams, lol. I am trying to take a test or two a week and just focus on practice passages. I really want a 30+ on the real thing.

    Wishful Thinking
  3. mcat prep

    mcat prep Exhibitor

    May 16, 2007
    SDN Sponsor SDN Exhibitor SDN 7+ Year Member
    Actually, as you go through the 10 tests you'll notice the following pattern: no pattern. Some students basically "measure" the MCAT in every way and start to expect something from the AAMC and when they walk into the real exam, whether it be the chair, computer monitor, question types, topics or whatever, once thrown for a loop, they have a difficult time recovering. Our exams tend to keep students a bit off balance but we reinforce the exams with good explanations and teaching videos to help you get ready for the real thing and be ready for whatever they throw at you.

    If you can get at least a 9 on each section consistently on GS exams then you should get at least a 30 on the real MCAT. Good luck!

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