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Jan Test Takers

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Gospe1, 01.05.07.

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  1. Gospe1

    Gospe1 7+ Year Member

    Resident [Any Field]
    Hows everybody doing? The test is in about 3 weeks and well, I think I'll be ready by then. I started with labout 40 hours. Then i stopped all studying doing the semester and just started again after Xmas. I read all the exam krackers in about a week and then started doing exams. Thats all I'm doing, exam after exam. I try to do about 200 problems a day of just the sciences. I think the best of to learn is by getting problems wrong because I can't really remember that well just by reading. I think my last full exam had me at about 35. I think the hardest parts are:

    Bouyancy: not really that difficult but never learned in school
    Galvanic Cells: Can get really really tricky
    Bernoulli Equation: Comeon! when are we going to go use this one...
    When they start connecting electric fields and magnetic fields: I'm ok 1 or the other but once they are both in a question, I'm lost
    Capacitors: Surprising amount of stuff here
    Modulus: whatttt?
    Some of the more complex heat questions

    How is everyone else doing?
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  3. ladoo007

    ladoo007 7+ Year Member

    Medical Student
    I am re-taking it in January, already took the paper one in aug and did pretty well except for verbal, so thats my focus... i finished going through all the kaplan review material and plan on reading all the ek stuff (or at least for the topics that give me trouble) and other than that just start doing about 2 tests a week (want to have about 8 practice tests total before the real thing) and working problems... and of course, practicing verbal! its weird because i have reached the point where i am pretty comfortable with almost all of the sciences so don't feel like that there is much more to "study" and theres only so much you can do for verbal so i guess i am just kind of waiting out the next three weeks and going to keep myself busy with practice tests!
  4. endofevangelion

    endofevangelion 7+ Year Member

    yeah im taking it in 3 weeks too. im really worried about the verbal. no matter how much i practice i just cant get the score i want. i just pray i get lucky lol
  5. hippocrates80

    hippocrates80 2+ Year Member

    I'm taking the MCAT for the first time this Jan. I've more or less finished with the physical sciences review, although themodynamics questions still freak me out. What's bugging me is the biological sciences portion. I'm still stuck reviewing biology concepts (there's just so much to memorize!), and having trouble with orgo..:( Now with three weeks left, I'm not sure if I should continue with the Jan MCAT or postpone it till I'm more prepared...sighs..

    Anyway, all the best for all Jan MCAT takers, and happy studying

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