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Kaplan style PS vs BR and AAMC

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by i4171, 04.30.12.

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  1. i4171

    i4171 2+ Year Member


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    i've been taking some old (03) kaplan practice tests and theyre heavily calculation based whereas the ammc and br (which ive also studied from) seem to be a lot less. i do okay on the ammc/br ~9-12 given that i understand the concepts more than memorizing equations where as on some of the kaplan problems, i literally have absolutely no idea what do and sometimes its really difficult to extrapolate anything from the passage they provide.

    it seems like a lot of people whove taken the mcat recently are freaking over the ps calc content but should i feel okay if i feel fairly confident with the ammc and br material?
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  3. railgun

    railgun 2+ Year Member

    If you're doing good on the AAMC and BR tests, you should be okay. Now that you know your weakness is the calculations, just work a little on it... there will be some questions that require caluclations

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