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    What is the concensus on this product? I ordered them. Is this all I need in addition to FA or should I consider getting a book like Clinical Micro Made Ridic Easy?

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    Hi jumpmanv15!

    Here's a little bit about the 3rd edition...

    This best-selling microbiology deck is now more up-to-date and high-yield than ever. Each card features a microorganism on the front and details its clinical presentation, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment on the back. Full-color clinical photos, schematics, and algorithms allow you to test yourself, identify pathogens, classify organisms, and prepare for end-of-course exams and the USMLE Step 1.

    Use study time effectively with this flash card deck!

    • Full-color photomicrographs and schematics depict the morphology of pathogens, structural features, and clinical findings.
    • Recall format keeps your review lively and quick┬Śmaximizing study time.
    • Algorithms on each card classify organisms for easy memorization.

    And if it helps, here's a 5-star review from Amazon...

    "I just took my USMLE step 1. These cards are all you need for the micro section. They are concise, clearly written and basically the best thing to study micro with. No question asked buy it! Update: These cards are epic. Every question on my USMLE exam and most questions on the qbank were drawn directly from these cards. They have made studying for micro a million times easier and in my opinion these cards are the single best, comprehensive and high yield source for the boards. (FYI I HATED micro in class). I got my exam back and I did very well. Not surprisingly micro was one of the areas were I destroyed the exam"

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