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my stats what do you guys think are my chances

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by q177, 06.07.08.

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  1. q177

    q177 2+ Year Member

    hey guys,
    I wanted to see what you guys think about my situation

    I just graduated with a 3.36 gpa overall. I had really bad first semesters but i boasted it up the last 4 semesters averaging 3.7 and above. I have tons of experience (working basically since i was 16 consistently, volunteer work , shadowing, research and teaching assistant in college). Also my mcat score is coming on tuesday, but i am expecting a 28 or greater based on my practice scores. I am currently applying for the 2009 term for all 8 texas schools and 8 out of state DO schools. Also I am currently a texas resident.
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  3. Simran1

    Simran1 2+ Year Member

    Medical Student
    Your gpa puts you in a precarious position. I definitely know Texas residents who have gotten interviews with similar stats and have gotten in but it is quite difficult for the most part. If you break 30 on your MCAT it will undoubtedly help your application. As for the DO schools, your GPA is right around the average gpa for admission and your MCAT should be on par as well. Good luck with admissions! Hope this helps!

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