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Nontrad Polls of the Month (Updated 2/07/13)

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by QofQuimica, 05.01.10.

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  1. QofQuimica

    QofQuimica Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting.... Administrator SDN Senior Moderator Lifetime Donor

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    Why a poll every month? Because I like polls, and what better reason can there be than that? All polls will stay open indefinitely, so feel free to vote even if you're reading this a decade later. Also, if you have suggestions for a nontrad poll you'd like to see, feel free to PM me.

    2013 Polls

    2012 Polls

    2011 Polls
    December 2011: What Is Your Professional School Class Rank?
    November 2011: What Is Your Top Selfish Reason for Not Going to Professional School?
    October 2011: What Is Your Top Selfish Reason for Going to Professional School?
    September 2011: What Kind of Pet(s) Do You Have?
    August 2011: What Is Your Greatest Fear About Going to Professional School as a Nontrad?
    July 2011: What Kind of an Advisory Role Does/Did SDN Play for You?
    June 2011: How Much Debt Did/Will You Have Prior to Starting Professional School?
    May 2011: What Is Your Favorite Place to Study?
    April 2011: What Is/Was Your Least Favorite Prereq?
    March 2011: What Medical Specialty Would You Pick?
    February 2011: What Type of Setting Do You Envision Yourself Working In?
    January 2011: What Was Your Most Recent MCAT Practice Test or Actual Test Score?

    2010 Polls
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