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OccMed ?

Discussion in 'Medical Toxicology (MD, DO, PharmD)' started by Ascultator, 04.08.12.

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  1. Ascultator


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    Tried the Toxicology forums for this question but no response --

    So I'm trained/BC in Family Medicine -- can I get into occmed without doing an occmed residency/fellowship? at the medical system I work at there are a few occmed physicians who are only FM or IM trained.

    any advice on how I can get into the field?

    also, based on the description of the field, is it accurate to say that Occmed physicians don't manage a pt's HTN/DM/HLD / chronic diseases? do you have a lot of issues with pain-med seeking pt's given that you deal with workplace injuries?
  2. gutonc

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    I thought that was a weird place to post that question...the Poison Control forum. This is only a slightly less weird place. Why not "General Residency?" BTW, this is not a suggestion that you keep cross-posting/spamming your question across SDN as this is a violation of the TOS.

    What did they say when you asked them this same question? You're far more likely to get a useful answer from 2 or 3 Occ Med docs you actually know than you are from a bunch of random strangers on the intarwubs. Especially a group of internists.

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