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Pharmaceutical Fellowship VS Residency

Discussion in 'Pharmacy Residencies and Fellowships' started by PharmD2b, 07.10.03.

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    When i was an extern at BMs in my 5th yr , I went to their HQ in princeton to talk to a PharmD( i was stuck with PHD pharmacists in the formulation dept and with pharmacists who would make that guy kunsan look like an advocate of clinical pharmacy!!!) anyway i wanted to meet a PharmD ---i headed over to the clinical dept and found 1 PharmD ---she was ranked at the Master's Level in the comp , got her job only cuz her hubby worked there (he was a Phd) other PharmDs were in marketing anoter person in the clinical dept to get there had to do 2 residencies.........................I think its EXTREMELY COMPETITVE GETTING A FELLOWSHIP and getting into industry i think a PhD is almost necessary if you want to succed in industry unless you wanna go into reg. affairs, dx safety, and marketing and even that req a fellowhip ?

    anyone try for the rutgers fellowship they take mostly non-rutgers students

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