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Plz help What are my chances for DO school? thanks

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances?' started by JeterFan22, 09.27.11.

  1. JeterFan22



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    Hi, I sent my application to AACOMAS in the beginning of September and still have not received any secondary applications from any schools. My transcripts were received by AACOMAS last week and when I called my university they said they already sent my letter of recommendations (DO doctor included). I am afraid that my grades might be too low for DO schools and because of this I got ruled out for secondaries. Does anyone know when secondaries are sent? I applied to NYCOM, Touro, VCOM and PCOM

    GPA: 3.75 [graduated honors] (My grades were steady all throughout college)
    sGPA: 3.75

    Took MCAT 3 times:
    MCAT 1 21M 8P 6V 7B
    MCAT 2 22M 8P 6V 8B
    MCAT 3 25R 11P 6V 8B (Most recent)

    I have tons of volunteer service and I am currently volunteering more. Also, I have many ECs as well. Do you think I still have a chance to at least one DO school (for 2012)? Also, I realize that my application is pretty late should I reapply earlier next year if I don't get in this year? Pretty much send my applications in once AACOMAS opens up for 2013 students. thanks everyone
  2. JohnnyRomanes

    JohnnyRomanes wussup doge

    SDN 2+ Year Member
    Grades aren't low, MCAT is slightly below average, plus you applied really late.
  3. Catalystik

    Catalystik Providing Herd Protection SDN Advisor

    The RugRat Lab
    Physician Faculty SDN 7+ Year Member
    If your transcripts were received by AACOMAS a week ago, it will be another 3-5 weeks before your transcripts are verified and sent out to your schools. Your grades are excellent. Your MCAT scre is a bit below average. The low VS might screen you out at some schools. Did you check to be sure that your schools don't have a sharp cutoff for subscores? If they do, then add more that don't.

    Some schools only send a Secondary after they receive your entire file. Did you check on that possibility? You can read through the School Specific forums in PreMedOsteo for your institutions and see what they say.

    Why did you apply to only 4 schools?
  4. JeterFan22


    Hey I didn't want to apply to a lot of schools cause I was already a late applicant. I don't have much money and I don't want to run the risk of not getting accepted because I was late in applying. But I will def. apply much earlier if I don't get in this year which I hope won't happen.

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