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Seeking help (didn't know where to go)

Discussion in 'Sleep Medicine' started by medspouse2012, 04.18.12.

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  1. medspouse2012



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    My husband suffers from Night Terrors. Lately, they've become so frequent I'm starting to feel the effects of them myself. He's not usually really violent. He typically just runs around, flails and can actually carry on a conversation with you (he fooled me a few times when we first started spending nights together, only to realize when I asked him about it the next day that he doesn't remember any of the previous night's conversation). But he's not violent (thankfully) and goes back to sleep with a little coaxing and telling him everything's fine and he should go back to bed.

    He's going to be a surgery resident next year, and I'm wondering if there's anything either of us can do to help stop these episodes. A few weeks ago, he came back from a vacation and has since averaged an episode every other night. These episodes don't impact him; he claims to have the best sleep after he has an episode, but I am constantly tired because I'm not getting enough sleep anymore. Does anyone have any advice on where we should go or what we could do?

    I know from living with a doctor it's sometimes best to just go to a doctor, but I'm not sure where to go around our area.
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    I'm sure you know that these forums cannot be used for medical advice, and I recommend that you discuss this issue with a PCP first and see if a referral to a sleep specialist (or whomever) is warranted.

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