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Sept 1 MCAT deadline on MSAR??

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Awapi, 04.01.12.

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  1. Awapi

    Awapi 5+ Year Member

    Hey guys, so I'm scheduled for the Sept 6 MCAT (please, no lectures about taking it sooner, I really, honestly, beyond anything out there other than time travel cannot take it any earlier than September).

    I noticed on MSAR that all of the schools I looked at say the last test they consider is September 1, 2011 (from last year) which I'm assuming would translate to Sept 1, 2012 this year. On the websites it's more generic and just says "September" is the last test to be considered. Instead of emailing all of these schools I was wondering if anyone could tell me if "September 1" on MSAR is just a generic "September" placemarker (and that schools will consider any test in September) or if schools really don't consider the last few tests of the month?

    I get off a plane Aug 29 from overseas, I could technically take the Sept 1 test but would prefer not to, but I'd definitely switch to it if schools won't consider Sept 6.

    Last edited: 04.01.12
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