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Started as a pharmacy tech for Rite Aid... how does pay roll work?

Discussion in 'Pharmacy' started by globalruns, 04.12.12.

  1. globalruns


    SDN 2+ Year Member

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    Just started to work as a pharmacy tech at Rite Aid. Pretty disorganized in getting me hired and the background check as well as the drug test to get approved - took over a month for these things to get through and for the manager and pharmacist to follow through. I just started with minimal hours, got my employee ID number and have time punched in and out.

    1. Wanted to know about how often you get paid? ie every two weeks.

    2. And, exactly what paperwork you filled out to get hired? .. I have a gut feeling since the hiring was so disorganized that he hasn't given me all the paperwork to be filled out for getting paid and that I've been clocking in free labor. Thanks
  2. Quiksilver

    Quiksilver Secundum Artem PharmD

    Buffalo, NY
    SDN 5+ Year Member
    you get paid every 2 weeks and you will get paid the week after your first pay period of hours.

    The paperwork is standard, drug test, tax forms, offer letter (if there was was one). You will have a lot of CBT's to do as well which will cover a lot. I am sure you aren't working for free.
  3. josealvarez


    How long did the background check take? And what company did they use for the background? I just applied and am wondering how long to expect.
  4. ArcSil

    ArcSil ℞: ArcSil; Sig 1 QH PRN

    Pharmacy Student
    My pharmacy manager was on vacation when I submitted my application (interesting story…). My state requires techs to be certified and licensed, and so I had taken classes at a nearby CC (my University didn't offer them) and became PTCB-certified and state licensed. After I submitted my application, it took about a month to a month and a half to really start working. I then had a day or so of doing CBT up front (mainly for basic things like HIPAA). Then, with TONS of CBTs left to do (and supposedly needing to run through a Rite-Aid pharmacy tech class), I finally got my hands dirty. Most of my job in the first couple of weeks consisted of running register and counting, (with some entering). After that, it was working chaotically. I think some of the reasons for this is due to my store having high volume with few hours (and tons of C-II scripts).

    The background check only took a week or two. I don't remember which company they used for the background check. You also have to look forward to a drug test also.

    Interesting side note: Today, after seven months with Rite Aid, I have finally completed my last CBTs.

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