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UWorld Q# 7489 Turner's

Discussion in 'Step I' started by Boardz, 07.06.12.

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  1. Boardz



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    Uworld #7489:


    Turner's. Physical Exam would reveal...

    Answer chocies:

    a. Absent Ovaries (59%) "right answer"
    b. Vaginal Agenesis (5%, including me)

    Me angry:

    Turner's = Ovarian "Dysgenesis" (streak gonad) according to First Aid and my reality. They develop ovaries and eggs but the ovary apoptosisises and they have menopause before they reach menarche (thanks goljan).

    Dysgenesis definition: Copyright (c) USMLEWorld, LLC., Please do not save, print, cut, copy or paste anything while a test is active.

    OOPS, let's try that again

    Dysgenesis definition:

    The term dysgenesis is used to describe abnormal organ development during embryonic growth and development. AS OPPOSED TO AGENESIS, which refers to the complete failure of an organ to develop, dysgenesis usually implies disordered development or malformation and in some cases represents the milder end of a spectrum of abnormalities.

    I picked vaginal agenesis because I'm stupid and thought they had shortened vaginas like in mullerian agenesis.

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