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VCU/MCV Dental Stats

Discussion in 'School Specific Discussions' started by uvastudent, 05.28.11.

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  1. uvastudent



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    i have a low gpa (around 3.0) but ive improved considerably over the past year (made deans list brought up science gpa) I'm studying for the DAT's now and am applying to VCU dental this cycle (when it opens up june 1). Im just hoping for an interview this year to test it out. I'm doing a masters program next year as a back up plan. Do i have any shot at an interview? I've got really strong extracurricular and shadowing and LOR.

    Did vcu's stats really go up to a 3.6?? it used be a 3.2 or 3.3!! i'm also instate! and from SW va if that will help at all! I've met with Dr. Healy a few times too!

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