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  1. K

    Family medicine lifestyle

    Hi MS-4 here applying family medicine in a largely suburban area. How is the lifestyle. I’ve seen threads mostly about rural areas (which seems great) but I want to work in a more suburban or near city area. How’s the job market/lifestyle?
  2. E

    Lifestyle of NIR Neurologist???

    Is there any kind of lifestyle for this field? Does every person in this field have multiple divorces? I'm very interested about NIR, and the only thing stopping me from pursuing this path is because of my commitment to my family and my kids. Please give me some of your observations and...
  3. A

    LECOM LDP Schedule/ lifestyle?

    ...block like? I am an incoming LECOM student, class of 2024. I am currently PBL but I want to switch to LDP because I do not want to have a lifestyle of primarily reading for major part and having infrequent exams in PBL (1-3 per semester). I do also like the powerpoints to help me guide...
  4. A

    Clarification about Lifestyle in IR

    I've seen some conflicting things about lifestyle in IR. From what I understand, if you work full time IR you have a terrible lifestyle. If you do 60/40 IR/DR are things better? Are there options that allow you to do part time IR while still getting involved in other areas (e.g. industry)? Is...
  5. Staphylococcus Aureus

    Child neurology residency lifestyle

    Can anyone comment on what lifestyle is like during child neuro residency, one person says much more difficult than the five years of child psychiatry or the three years of a general peds, but I would love to hear thoughts and experiences.
  6. S

    All C’s first semester. Screwed?

    That's true, but there are other specialties that also can be considered to be "lifestyle specialties" and offer great work-life balance. Doing fellowships in various specialties also has the potential to increase your pay with perhaps little effect on lifestyle.
  7. Monocles

    Child psych jobs OR Did I screw myself?

    OP I am deathly curious... what exactly is a "lifestyle friendly" CAP fellowship? :p What are your hours, workload, etc?
  8. Dr. Doctor MD

    10 Highest paying medical specialties - Did I see this right? Radiation is #4 still brutal, but when you join a private group and can do elective scheduled surgeries only and split call with a dozen doctors, your lifestyle will be good as you want to to be. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is Ortho Trauma, which is obviously much less amenable to...
  9. DO2015CA

    Neurology residency competitiveness

    ...field. You’ll either love or hate neuro. There isn’t a ton of interest from American grads and a large portion of residents are IMG. With the looming residency crunch you may see it increase but for American grads it’s not crazy competitive if you show a true interest. Idk about lifestyle.
  10. ToothJockey

    Dentists, what is your typical weekly schedule?

    Op should understand extractions lifestyle is more representative for a new grad with 500k debt The 4 day a week cushy lifestyle comes once cash flow is high and debts have been pulverized
  11. hallowmann

    Family medicine lifestyle

    Medicine is one of the most diverse professions. You can have a good "lifestyle" in almost any field, especially the ones with general training and broad applications (this includes FM and psych... and IM, and EM, and OB-Gyn, and Peds, and even GenSurg). The definition of good lifestyle varies...
  12. UNMedGa

    If doctors are so miserable & burnt out, why do so many of their kids still want to go to medical school?

    I'm the same about derm. Great lifestyle and the people in it seem to love it, but you've gotta like skin to some degree and I think it's just gross
  13. 0

    I want to be an orthodontist to make more money and have an easier job

    I’m a GP, debt free, make 250-300k. I want the easier lifestyle of an orthodontist where assistants do most of the work, and all the crap from being a GP I don’t have to deal with: hygiene checks, inserts, surgery, pedo, needles, and unhappy patients. Can I make 400k+ as an orthodontist with a...
  14. nebuchadnezzarII

    What are some examples of Family Medicine working schedules? Is it a lifestyle specialty?

    I think there's a lot of confusion going around about family medicine. Can someone elaborate on the lifestyle of family medicine and the different models of working? What are salary prospects for someone who values free time and lifestyle over money? I imagine thta 8-5, M-F in your own practice...
  15. Mad Jack

    Easiest surgical residency

    The problem isn't looking for lifestyle fields, the problem is that people are looking for lifestyle but then asking about fields that are not conducive to same. "I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. What residency can I put in 50 hours or less in, and can I work 35 hours a week once I'm in...
  16. lmay0001

    Considering Travel/nomadic lifestyle after MD ?

    ...+ Tokyo, where i met countless digital nomads i have decided to leave the medical profession and move onto digital nomad/telemedicine lifestyle maybe opening my own business who ealse feels that travel is more important then working 58hrs a week and having no life maybe get my MD and just...
  17. S

    10 Highest paying medical specialties - Did I see this right? Radiation is #4

    Just wondering why that would be, since the vast majority of orthopaedic procedures are non-emergent/elective? Is it the intensity of the surgeries themselves that makes the field difficult in terms of lifestyle?
  18. P

    Good school districts

    Why do elite public schools introduce lifestyle creep? Simply because of the cost of housing?
  19. A

    Radiology Lifestyle questions

    Hey Guys, I have seen a few posts with varying information about how current radiologists describe their life. I understand that it depends on which hospital, area and sub-specialty you are in but I thought i'd collect some information for M3s like myself who are looking to go into radiology. I...
  20. Deecee2DO

    MD & DO *Theoretical* best specialty?

    am i crazy to wonder why Allergy and GI arent ROAD specialties. GI salary is baller with relatively decent lifestyle and Allergy has a killer lifestyle still with decent salary
  21. slowthai

    MD & DO *Theoretical* best specialty?

    Might be because they require an entire IM residency first, lol.
  22. Cranjis McBasketball

    Neurology residency competitiveness

    Not sure about after residency, but I have heard that residency, itself, is supposed to be one of the most demanding
  23. AnatomyGrey12

    10 Highest paying medical specialties - Did I see this right? Radiation is #4

    ...much a work hard, play hard field. It attracts a lot of blue collar people who just like working a lot. The kind of people who go, “why wouldn’t I work 80 hours and make 800k?” It definitely affords the ability to have a good lifestyle if you want it to, most people in ortho just choose not to.
  24. O

    Radiology Lifestyle questions

    This thread is really informative. If anyone else can respond to the OP’s lifestyle survey I’d love to hear more.
  25. Free411

    Easiest surgical residency

    If you are a "lifestyle minded" person, then chances are you are not surgeon at heart. Damn near everyone I know going into surgery or who is a surgeon is a workhorse. It's not that these people don't love anything else outside of med, but they are ready to sacrifice whatever they need to become...
  26. N

    KCU-COM Joplin vs. Kansas City

    The only deciding factor that steered me was urban lifestyle verse rural lifestyle. I see myself close to a city.
  27. T

    Dentists, what is your typical weekly schedule?

    What kind of lifestyle are you talking about? Lifestyle that needs time or money? I work 33 hours/week, 4.5 days, I rarely take work home and I usually take a week off every now and then. I work weekends, take Mon/Tues off. For me, I'm a solo practice owner, and the downside is that it's hard to...
  28. Deecee2DO

    Program Rank #1 Advice Needed

    2 questions now. 1. Would you consider it a ROAD specialty bc of the lifestyle and 380+ salary? 2. Why is gas so “UNcompetitive” when salary and lifestyle are so good?
  29. U

    Family medicine lifestyle

    ...and forth in a nonconducive manner. Med students who have not applied to residencies do read forums on different specialties to compare and contrast. Also, to answer whether family med is a lifestyle specialty one needs to know lifestyles of other specialties to have a benchmark to compare to.
  30. aspiring rapper

    do you feel fulfilled as a noninvasive cardiologist?

    cards is hot right now. tough lifestyle. first year attending is more tough than first year fellowship (n=4). lots of money. i'm not in cards but the docs parking lot speaks for itself.
  31. R

    IMG Internal Medicine Applicants - Match 2020

    there are lifestyle considerations for IM?
  32. D

    Easiest surgical residency

    it is totally fine to consider lifestyle when choosing a specialty, when I was between gyn onc and urogyn the hours definitely played a role in my choice but it was more like 3rd or 4th on my list. Similarly I think it’s ok to look for lifestyle friendly residencies even in surgical fields. But...
  33. tr

    Can I work part time as a psychiatrist with private practice?

    Why are you posting in the psychiatry section? This lifestyle plan sounds like it might be better suited to EM or even international medicine. Within psychiatry, with this lifestyle goal you are probably better off taking locum tenens gigs rather than entering private practice. Private...
  34. D

    FDA warning on Gabapentin.

    Other than hoping patients will participate in PT, CBT, biofeedback, diet and lifestyle modifications, etc. that's it.
  35. cyanide12345678

    So what is EM really like?

    To reiterate the above post. EM is not a lifestyle specially. Psych derm radiation oncology pm&r optho and anesthesia are lifestyle specialties. My life would be so relaxing if i had to see 1 patient an hour as the psych guys do.
  36. slowthai

    All C’s first semester. Screwed?

    ...when gas was last truly competitive. Maybe 15-20 years ago? I think it's on a slight upswing now because people are really looking for "lifestyle". The explosion of med schools is also a contributing factor. Funnily enough, based on what I know, it isn't a lifestyle specialty nowadays. I...
  37. fldoctorgirl

    MD & DO *Theoretical* best specialty?

    Interesting, thanks for sharing. What makes the lifestyle better? I'd assume it's all outpatient, 9-5 kinda thing, which would be similar to FM or outpatient IM. Or is it that you can work less for the same amount of money kind of thing?
  38. Tenk

    Program Rank #1 Advice Needed

    1. Probably not. EM is its own double edged sword with huge positives and huge negatives. It’s more the ultimate work hard, play hard specialty. 2. Probably fear of CRNAs as mentioned above.
  39. P

    Questions about scope, lifestyle, and salary in terms of comparing PM&R to FM and Neuro.

    ...and Neuro is mainly treating neuro disorders, how is the job practically between the 3 fields? Like is it mainly neuro and PMR doing procedures and FM doing little to no procedures? Also how is the lifestyle and salary between the 3 specialties. I read PMR pays more followed by Neuro and then FM.
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