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  1. akuko2

    Tips for transition to AD residency?

    ...residency. I have a wife and will have 5 mo old by the time residency starts, and only military exp has been COT. Any good resources to set myself up for success as far as the logistics of transitioning into military life? Like guides for renting/buying/living on base, childcare, maximizing TSP?
  2. G

    Discharge Update

    There are posts going back 20 years on this website debating military medicine. The short answer is “it isn’t for everyone” and unless you are prior military or have a great deal of experience with the military life (parents in the military) I would not recommend it.
  3. M

    Chronically overworked

    Since I was never in the military, I can't comment on what they deal with, but military life has no relevance to civilian medical education. The reason metoo is different is in relation to the toxic work environment created when there's an abuse of power.
  4. R

    Military Medicine - Its what you make of it - My journey

    I was only 21 years old when I graduated college and signed on the dotted line for USUHS to put the military in charge for presumably the best years of my life. I was scared and nervous during OBC. I got yelled at a lot. I read the (most negative and cynical) comments on this board about...
  5. Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick

    What age do you think you will retire?

    Every year if life the military takes it replaces with extra comradery and joy!
  6. M

    Chronically overworked

    Who cares that it happens in the military? That doesn't mean it isn't just as meaningful when it happens other places. I'm a psychiatrist. When one person comes in with a week of being abused, I don't discount it by saying "then I'd love to hear what you'd say to my patient who's been abused all...
  7. I

    2019-2020 Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

    ...and I was wondering if someone who is currently/has been a student could just give me a little insight to what the school is like, how military life is there, etc! I was an HPSP applicant at one point, so I know what I'm getting into as far as committing to serve, but I see a lot of the...
  8. pgg

    How much money have you spent/received on disability/life insurance?

    The people I know who've become disabled and unable to practice medicine didn't become disabled because of injuries at work. A freeway, a bicycle, cancer, genetic disease (x2). **** happens. :( I don't believe my friend with cancer (like me, an active duty military physician) had a DI policy -...
  9. OperationBagration

    Latest time to sign up for HPSP?

    Not quite. A lot of these questions are hard to find. Also, "being fit" is one of many good reasons. This is a place that actually rewards me in residency and even location preference apparently for being in shape. Finally it's not just about how a person has insane stats and research but are...
  10. Matthew9Thirtyfive

    Chronically overworked

    I can see why that was confusing lol. I don't personally think the military is a good analogy for a med student rotation because civilian medicine is so different from the military, and no med school rotation or training program needs to be run like a military organization. There is a huge power...
  11. HighPriest

    Latest time to sign up for HPSP?

    They'll reward you less than you think for being in shape. In the medical corps, it really doesn't count for much. I mean, your life is easier if you're in shape, but there are a ton of out-of-shape military docs. So, you know, good on you. Great to be in shape. The military cares much...
  12. J

    Ask an Army Dentist

    Here are some of the questions that I currently have. - Since you have done both military and private practice, what would you say is the better life style? - I have been told that you are very limited to your treatments especially if you are a general dentist/ recent graduate. Most dentist...
  13. A

    2019-2020 Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM-Colorado)

    Fellow vet and I interviewed there and was accepted this cycle. They are very military friendly. Plenty of opportunities to get involved. They def believe in work/life balance. All across the building there are signs and flyers supporting/acknowledging veterans
  14. SlipperyWhenWet

    2019-2020 Pittsburgh

    It's actually the opposite. How you act on the Internet is a good indicator of how you are in real life, even if you are trying to act differently. Edit: English sucks
  15. D

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Unsure about USUHS

    I'm generally a proponent of the Reserve/Guard over any of the active duty options. Your scenario seems like a particularly good option for that route. Life is going to be challenging enough trying to balance the competing career needs of a two professional marriage. Adding a 13-15 year marriage...
  16. M

    Lawsuit threatens Remington

    I'm sure there's a quote like this... I'd rather die a free man than live the rest of my life a slave.
  17. Mace1370

    Military Medicine - Its what you make of it - My journey

    ...but medical school and becoming a physician is a stereotypical way to financial success. Are people horribly under informed about what military life is like and the implications of practicing medicine in the military while serving out a contract? Absolutely. Is the military to blame for this...
  18. J

    Military vet school list help

    I'll try to be quick to spare you the life story. Also, this is my first post so hopefully this is the correct thread: cGPA: 3.1 sGPA (with math): 3.52 sGPA (without math): 3.85 DIY Post-bacc (60 credits): 3.87 If the GPA's look strange it's because I took almost no science courses in my...
  19. --Gem

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Unsure about USUHS be FM and did it. I know literally 20+ that started as wanting to be X and ended up as Y or Z. That's what worries me more than military life is my options and the opportunity to sub specialize. Pathology, for instance, only has one fellowship slot right now with the Air Force, but most...
  20. R

    Military Medicine - Its what you make of it - My journey

    This statement is a crock of shyte, and I say this as a very satisfied military physician. The administrative hassles are way worse, more in the form of silly military online training, meetings which have nothing to do with your specialty, and down time and phone calls because the PACS is slow...
  21. j4pac

    HPSP for GMO (FS/UMO)?

    The military more often than not will be a financial loss. It adds a bunch of variables to an already complicated life. The bureaucracy is frustrating and your life can truly suck if you go to a command with poor leadership and morale. I honestly think that it should only be pursued by those...
  22. J

    Help me decide what to do with my life!

    So I was wait listed at my state school (Marquette) and I think its unlikely I will get in this cycle. I was accepted at Iowa but now I'm suddenly realizing that I cant afford the $500,000 of student loans that Ill graduate with. I could apply for the three year military HPSP, but I don't want...
  23. Toxin066

    MD ERAS panic thread

    Too old to join the military. Spent my life in school and the only job experience I have is in fast food, so career options are limited. I still have my spatula. Will they take me back when I inevitably don't match?
  24. HighPriest

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Unsure about USUHS

    Agree with Homunculus. USUHS is good. It's not so good that you should take a huge gamble when you have other options available. Not sure what your actual issue is with HPSP. USUHS certainly gets a bigger military experience up front, but HPSP has more military experience than most guys who...
  25. D

    Why All The Gloom & Doom Over HPSP?

    Because it's likely a financial loss to the medical student, a loss of career and personal freedom, and there is a good chance that what someone wants now is not what you want 4, 7, or 11 years from now. HPSP is for most applicants nothing but financial fear-mongering leading to making an...
  26. BC_89

    Why go into pharmacy if it's saturated?

    Worked in different pharmacy settings both civilian and military. Now a disabled veteran (friggin' blackhawks and repel ropes) getting school, housing, and books covered with a tax exempt monthly compensation. Of course, I had to pick a 3 year expedited course to consume my life endeavors but...
  27. P

    Can't smell = Can't be a doctor?

    What would you ever NEED to smell as a medical professional?
  28. 8

    What drives medical students and doctors?

    For me intellectual stimulation. I've had a couple of years life experience through working and the military, and at the end of the day one of the driving factors that pushed me towards MD was not only wanting to make a difference and work with patients, but to feel challenged in my day to day...
  29. B

    How long after DO sumbmission on average should you expect to get a notification as an outlier?

    I mean. You’d trash the application of a guy who got a drunk and disorderly charge at 18, went to college, served in the military, and then is applying to medical school at 30 with over a decade of good conduct behind him and excellent grades? Felonies, yeah, it is game over. But if you have a...
  30. Rachapkis

    Foreign military - an app boost?

    Adcoms will likely have different views depending on their own personal background and biases, what your military experience entailed, and how you present those experiences. For example, I would suspect that a compelling portrayal of your experiences as a medic in a war torn area would be...
  31. L

    Will Trump win again???

    Is the US President (Trump) not the Commander in Chief of the US Military? That (small subset of military leaders) is who he has been working with in order to drain the swamp. Military intelligence has it all. He is privy to all of the information that has been collected for years. Why to do...
  32. K

    Can't smell = Can't be a doctor?

    I feel like it's been a blessing throughout most of my life (not sure if it's because I can't smell, but I'm immune to CS gas, which was really helpful in the military). Plus, wouldn't there be a quasi herd immunity in that most people I work with will likely be able to smell?
  33. Cold Front

    Another New Orthodontist Graduates with $1M+ in Student Loans

    So that’s the “strategy!”... did you apply to dental school with a plan to add 4-5 years of HSPS or Military to have a financial freedom? A decade of your life before “you” choose where to practice? The schools justify the pay off of their high tuition and fees by directing you to another...
  34. throwaway2020MD

    2019-2020 Pittsburgh

    Weren’t you in the military lol? I doubt anyone can be military and come out immature. How you act online does not say anything how someone actually acts in real life. We’re supposed to have fun here so we don’t end up like msdoyenniek5
  35. D

    Joining the Air Force in residency

    There is a Military Medicine sub-forum full of robust information. That said, I'll briefly offer my thoughts because it's an excuse to procrastinate: The military experience can be highly variable based on luck and what your goals are. There is a select handful of people doing really cool...
  36. N

    2019-2020 Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM-Colorado)

    Hello! I am a military vet and have an interview here on the 30th, super excited for this school! How are the resources for vets, as well as their families? I know medical school will be hectic and time consuming, but does the school also believe in family life? Any info is awesome, thanks!
  37. Gastrapathy

    Military Medicine - Its what you make of it - My journey

    There are definitely some misleading statements on the recuiting website ( Just because the truth is out there doesn't make that any less reprehensible. Here are a few statements that I either believe are false or create a simplified rosy picture when the truth is...
  38. P

    What age do you think you will retire?

    I am apparently just very unaware of my own mortality. 2081 just seems really far away to me.
  39. Matthew9Thirtyfive

    Chronically overworked

    That's my point. If you think this is on the spectrum of abuse and sexual harassment, then you would probably be horrified what enlisted folks deal with sometimes. The relevance is that just because something sucks and might not be appropriate for the situation (i.e., a med school rotation)...
  40. T

    Question on super senior status.

    Hello everyone. I'm very curious how adcoms would view my situation. I started undergrad back in 2010 after getting out of the military. Made it through a few semesters before life threw a couple of curveballs. I found out by wife was cheating, got divorced, couldnt find reliable work, did a...
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