3.7 sgpa

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    3.8cGPA 3.69sGPA URM 6/1MCAT

    Hello, I am applying this cycle, with approval from my pre-med advisor. I am a Maryland resident with my top choices at UMD, UVA, UCSanDiego, UCSF, and George Washington. I know California favors in state applicants, but I want to know the chances of me getting into UCSanDiego and UCSF as OOS...
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    MD & DO 2 MCAT Scores (Low CARS) What Are My Chances?

    Hey guys, So I recently took the mcat in August 2016 for a second time and got a 507 (128/122/130/127). No clue what happened with the cars section never scored that low when I was practicing. My first mcat was in August 2015 and I got a 504 (126/124/128/126). I've submitted all of my...