chance of medical school

  1. Chinyere27

    Are my chances slim now with my first C+ for Med school? Is this the end? I am in a SMP program BTW! Applying this cycle!

    Hey! I received my first C+ and I am freaking out! My GPA will be a 3.5 in the SMP and this was my last semester! Are my chances slim now? What should I do? Just a little background about me! I am a URM female and I graduated undergrad with a very very low GPA. sGPA 2.3 and cGPA 2.6. I had a...
  2. G

    High cum GPA but very low science GPA

    I am a junior who is finishing up a technology degree who also has an interest in pursuing medicine. My health impacted my academics drastically to the point of having a combination of over 10 D’s and F’s in Math courses. I couldn’t move forward in my program without those math courses hence so...
  3. M

    MD Help with school list! 523 MCAT cGPA 3.78; sGPA 3.72

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to put my school list together. I feel like my MCAT and GPA don't exactly match so I'm trying to figure out if it is realistic for me to get into these top tier schools and I want to make sure my list isn't too top heavy. I'm also worried because there are some schools...
  4. avocadoc

    Non-trad reapplicant, should I wait another year?

    I applied this 2018-2019 cycle to 10 schools (as an international due to my PR status pending at the time) and received only 1 interview (still waiting to hear back). All the other schools are pre-II rejections so far. Residency: CA (just received my permanent resident card last week)...
  5. M

    Odds of getting in

  6. A

    What Are My Chances at MD School? What should i do to better my chances?

    So I am deciding whether or not I should apply to MD schools in the upcoming cycle Stats and EC: 3.16 sci GPA with 3.34 cum GPA (Double Major in Biology and Dance) , URM (African American Woman), 2.5 years scribing ( 6 months in ED and 2 years in OB/Internal medicine office), 1 yr clinical...
  7. T

    Is being complete mid/late August too late?

    I'm thinking of adding a few schools to my list (Vanderbilt, Duke, Baylor, USC Keck, WUSTL, etc.). Is being complete mid-late August still okay for someone who is LM 81, or is it too late to bother?
  8. D

    So late in application process.... Should I just wait another year?

    Hello all! I've been so stressed with two classes and two jobs that I couldn't work on my med school apps much at the beginning of the summer. Am I too late if I submit to AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS in August now? I have no particular goals to get into top medical schools, so I just want a good...
  9. 8

    Chance me!

  10. G

    Unusual Health Circumstance and bad grade.

    Hi All, This is my first post on this site, however, I've been reading SDN for a while. I just received my first C+, and it was in general chemistry I. Prior to this, I had earned A's in both of my biology courses, and was invited to start studying at the graduate level my second semester of my...
  11. R

    What are my chances of getting into med school?

    I know there's so many questions like this out there already, but I've been seriously stressing and I'm hopng this tread will either ease my anxieties or point me in a realistic right direction so that I'm not just worrying aimlessly. Currently have a pretty crappy GPA at a 3.24 and I screwed...
  12. G

    Is there any hope :(

    I'm not looking for an ego boost here because I'm genuinely distraught and confused rn and seeing if anyone believes that there is still hope for medical school. I took my MCAT in July 2017 and got a 502 (124/125/128/125) and decided to retake it. I studied for 4 and a half months and was...
  13. C

    Chance me into medical school

    hmu if you're down to chance me for medschool and ill give you my stats! thanks
  14. Diverdude93

    Reapplying: Should I Wait or Reapply Immediately

    So I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews, but ultimately was rejected from 1 and currently on the waitlist for another (but I am not hopeful about movement on it currently). I sent primaries to about 20 schools but only sent out secondaries to 10 (all allopathic), all of...
  15. H

    What should be my expectations/goals

    Hello, I am hoping to get some feedback from those with knowledge/experience regarding the med school application market. I am looking to apply next year and want to know what is realistically possible and what realistic goals would look like for getting into med school. I am a hispanic...
  16. O

    Can I Even Do This [DO]

    Hey SDN forum folks! I was hoping for you guys to be able to help me shed some light as to if I even stand a chance. Fair warning, I haven't taken my MCAT, and my cum GPA from Undergrad was LOW. So here it goes, I finished up my undergrad with about a 2.5...
  17. T

    Not Sure When to Apply With My Stats

    Hi Everyone,
  18. J

    Uconn post bacc vs. BU MAMS

    Hi All -
  19. F

    MD & DO Can I get in? Any and all opinions!

    Hey guys! Recent bachelors graduate here with a a few more med school reqs to take. I have a relatively non-traditional background so I'm looking for some honest opinions and advice on if I have a shot at reaching my dream of med school in this upcoming (2018-19) application cycle. I'm also an...
  20. M

    Medical school acceptance

    Academics: I currently have a 3.2 GPA which is down from a 3.3. My last semester was rough: I withdrew from a class, received my first C (in my life) in anat/phys II. For this semester I will receive at least a 3.5 GPA which will only bring my GPA up to 3.25-3.28. I have 3 more semesters...
  21. H

    Should I take a year off of school to go to Paramedic School?

    I am currently a junior at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute majoring in Chemical engineering. My GPA is 3.4 and SGPA is 3.6. I had a bad freshman year 1st semester, other than that my GPA is good. And I work on average 40 hours a week while taking full course load to support myself. I have been...
  22. Piglet2020

    MD 3.8, 511 Asian F Chance Me

    Stats: LizzyM 71 Asian, F First time applicant 3.82 GPA 511 MCAT (balanced, nothing under 126) Maryland resident, UMD Community Service: Volunteer at elderly center 100+ hours Research: 4 years research project on team, founder... looking to publish in upcoming year Extracurriculars: Served a...
  23. I

    Med School App Advice?

    Hello! I'm kind of new to the whole pre-med thing, I was off and on about it during my undergrad career so I only got some of my pre-reqs (I'm getting the rest now). I just graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a double degree, both science related. I don't have the highest GPA though...
  24. X

    Chance Me (MD)

    I was wondering what you guys think my chances of acceptance into medical school are? I am applying to most schools in texas. I am a biology major with a minor in chemistry. GPA: 3.42 MCAT: 503 (only taken once) Other factors: * Science tutor for nearly a year - worked with first...
  25. M

    DO - what are my chances?

    Looking for some input and advice for my app. cgpa: 3.47 sgpa: 3.40 MCAT: haven't taken yet, practice tests are hinting at around 505 clinical volunteering (hospital): ~ 200 hrs non-clinical volunteering: ~ 100 hrs shadowing: ~20 hrs undergrad research: ~350 hrs I graduated in May 2016 -...
  26. M

    MD & DO Chances? cGPA 3.05, BCPM GPA 3.50, MCAT 510

    I know there's a huge discrepancy in my GPA. Long story short, I did't really know what I was doing with my life during my early college years. My grades from junior college are horrendous (a ridiculous amount of D's, F's and W's). However, my grades significantly improved after I decided to...
  27. K

    What are my chances? 3.6 cGPA, 3.3 sGPA

    Hi everyone, not sure if I should get a masters of biomedical sciences or work for a year or both... thinking about AmeriCorps or medical scribe but I'm not sure Thinking of DO schools instead due to low sGPA sGPA 3.4, cGPA 3.6, MCAT: Have not taken Major: Nutrition Work: Medical Interpreter...
  28. RJmx393

    Is there even a slight chance?

    Ok, so I may be one of the the most unlikely candidates to try to get into medical school. I am a 26 y/o man who is married, has one child and a steady government job. I am 1 year away from graduating with a bachelors in Business Administration from a prestigious business school, a degree I...
  29. A

    Chances of med school w/ low GPA

    Currently I am a senior at a 4 yr university. Here are the stats Major: Chemical Eng. switched to Biochem Age: 20 Race:Black Sex: F Overall GPA (w/o recalc): 2.9 ... (w/): 3.1 Scien. GPA: (same as overall) Gen. chems : A,A,B Orgo 1,2: B, F, (retake) B Analytical chem: C Bio's: A, A, B...
  30. T

    MD & DO What are my chances, 3.9 with 516

  31. R

    Yet another post about chances of getting into medical school...

    Hello all, I need some input. I took the MCAT for the first time last month and received my score today, and I don't know what to think. I am questioning everything. I'll give you a rough outline of my "stats" and I would really, greatly appreciate if some of you experts out there could weigh-in...
  32. Impalalily1224

    Do I still have a chance of going to medical school?

    I am very new to this site. In regards to being a member. But I have done a lot of research and read tons of posts. However, I still feel a bit overwhelmed. I always wanted to be a doctor and go to medical school. It has been my life time dream like many of you. I was always a great student. I...