chances of getting in to dental school

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    Chances of Getting into Dental School this Year

    Just a fair warning: I am new to this website and this is my first post I graduated from UF last year with a B.S in Biology and am going to apply this 2018-19 cycle. I took the DAT last year and here are my results: Academic Average 20 Biology 22 General Chemistry 22 Organic Chemistry 21...
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    Can I get into Dental school with low undergrad GPA and High masters GPA?

    Hi everyone, This is my first time applying to dental school, I waited till I was ready, which is now hopefully. I graduated undergrad with a gpa of 2.68 in a BS in Biological sciences. My science gpa was pretty bad bc I failed a couple science course a few times due to some personal life and...
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    What are my chances ???

    Hey guys! I just took my DAT couple days ago and about to submit my application. I am applying to most big name schools and would like to know your opinion about my score. Especially the QR section. Even though I studied a lot for the QR section , I still had hard time with it. My score...
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    Should I do the masters program or continue taking 300-400 level science and math courses?

    Hi All- Thank you in advance for the responses! I graduated in May with my bachelors in biology and minor in chemistry. My overall GPA is a 2.9 with retakes calculated in (3.1 with retake grade replacement). I have two options to increase my chances of getting into dental school... do an...