1. A

    Colorado GPRs

    Hello! I am a recent graduate, just started working a few months ago. I know its early but I am feeling some growing pains and not sure if I should continue growing in practice or if transitioning to GPR would be beneficial. I am currently located in Colorado and would prefer to stay here. Does...
  2. T

    CO school for reinvention postbacc

    Need some help deciding on a school to postbac at. I'm in the serious reinvention category with a 2.86 undergrad gpa with a few Ds and Cs in my med school prereqs, so I am looking to retake those classes and then add on a bunch of upper level science classes to bump up my stats and show a strong...
  3. D

    Furnished 2br/1ba condo near CU Anschutz campus $1,000/mo.

    I am renting a fully furnished condo in southeast Aurora, CO. The unit is technically a 2 bedroom but the second bedroom is set up as an office. Quality cookware, new front load washer/dryer, combination overhead/handheld shower head and non slip decals in the tub (for all you future...
  4. undecided2021

    UCSF vs Colorado

    Ola! I got admitted to UCSF and CU this cycle. I am wondering if anyone has made a similar choice before or could share their thoughts of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the two. One thing - I would be graduating 6 months earlier from CU compared to UCSF as UCSF begins 6 mo later in...
  5. W

    Colorado DPT 2021-22

    Hey everyone! I haven’t found a thread for Colorado yet this year so I figured I’d go ahead and start one. Has anyone heard back from them? I applied to CU - Anschutz at the end of September. Good luck to you all!
  6. helenaequi

    Renting Colorado - Furnished Room for Rent - $950/mo

    Hello! Fully furnished contemporary bedroom with queen bed, closet, smart TV & natural light. Private full bathroom, kitchenette with full-size appliances, and laundry. All utilities, Fiber-optic internet, bed linens, and towels are included!!! I am a nurse at UCHealth - Anschutz Medical...
  7. I

    University of California Riverside vs University of Colorado Anschutz

    Hello, everyone. I feel super fortunate to have gotten two acceptances to medical school this year, to the University of California Riverside, and the University of Colorado Anschutz. Since I am a southern California native, I thought going to UCR would be an easy decision if I were to get in...
  8. D

    Colorado biomedical science masters degree

    I’m really interested in University of Northern Colorado Masters in Biomedical sciences. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the program like how many people get accepted to professional schools afterwards? What is the program like? How is the final test at the end and how did you...
  9. M

    WesternU vs. Colorado (OOS)

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so please go easy on me! I recently got accepted to the DMD program and WesternU and the DDS program at CU. I am a CA resident so do not qualify for in-state at CU unfortunately :confused: I was wondering where everyone thought was a better school to go to...
  10. Dental0928

    Dogs/Pets in Dental School!!!!

    Hey guys so I was just accepted to two dental schools yesterday, and now that the excitement has sunk in, the worry has begun lol. I want to hear from from current dental students ESPECIALLY if you go to Midwestern-IL, Roseman or Colorado :) Some background info on my situation: I got two...
  11. A

    Very Grateful for Insights + Thoughts on Post Bac Choices

    Hi all, I'm a career changer (lawyer) heading to a post-bac. I last attended class fifteen years ago when I did a DIY post-bac at a local a community college right after law school. I have recently applied to a few official post-bac programs and would greatly appreciate any insight...
  12. M

    GPR/AEGD Programs in AZ/CO

    Anyone know about the GPR/AEGD programs in AZ or CO? Looking to apply to these two states. Arizona seems to only be LMC AEGD programs without specific details about the individual programs. Colorado seems to have some good programs such as the dental school and the VA. Looking for more specific...
  13. medshousing

    Renting Lakewood, CO-FURNISHED Apartment-Like BDRMS, BTHRM and RENTER LR in SHARED HM

    New Listing on Lakewood Colorado 555 Saulsbury Street, Lakewood, CO, USA "Quick & Easy Access: Wadsworth St, 6th St.(throughway). I25 less than10 min. All Denver area Teaching Hospitals, within a radius of 2.9 miles to 7.9 miles that’s 5 min. to 16 min drive times. Many...
  14. T

    Cincinnati vs. Colorado vs. MCW

    Cincinnati Pros: $: that sweet IS tuition after 1st year (or immediately if you choose to live in Northern KY) Extended family (born and raised in CA) Loved the faculty Super high STEP scores (avg 241 last class for STEP 1) Cons: Not much to do in Cincy imo not a whole lot of CA matching...
  15. S

    Workers comp coverage required for away rotation

    I'm a 3rd year student in Michigan and I'm applying to do an away rotation in Colorado (at Poudre Valley Hospital) in the fall. In emailing with the coordinator, she said that I'm required to have workers compensation insurance to rotate in Colorado. Long story short, my school doesn't provide...
  16. A

    University of Colorado Class of December 2021

  17. S

    Admission and questions about these schools

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum! I am pre-vet and looking at a few schools. I am not too far into my undergrad to really give an accurate GPA and haven't taken my GRE. But it is currently above 3.6 and I hope to graduate at that or higher, and hopefully will have around there for the science...
  18. D

    Registering my car in my old state

    Hi everyone! I did a quick search for this but if there is another thread out there I'd be happy to read it! I'm moving to Colorado in the Fall for vet school. I'll be shipping my car from Hawaii and I was wondering if anyone had any experience for that. I will be registering my car and getting...
  19. J

    UMich vs. CUSOM vs. Mount Sinai

    I am in the fortunate situation that I am deciding between University of Colorado, University of Michigan, and Mount Sinai for medical school next year. Currently, I am leaning toward Mount Sinai, but I feel really torn by the other schools. I am from the Northeast, and am finishing up my...
  20. uhds

    Colorado Post-Bac

    Heya everyone! Has anyone heard from Colorado's post-bac program?
  21. R

    Rocky Vista (RVU-COM) MSBS 2018 Applicants' Thread

    General thread for the Rocky Vista University Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences program. I'm a current MSBS student at RVU. I'm happy to say last year's tumultuous thread isn't relevant to potential applicants. I encourage applicants to ask questions and my classmates to share their...
  22. B

    Thoughts on my chances appreciated!

    Hi! I'm a 22 year old male from Colorado. I just graduated in May with a 3.55 in Physiology with a minor in Spanish and a certificate in Public Health. I took the MCAT 09/01 and had an interesting situation happen. The fire alarm went off during CARS and we had a 30 minute evacuation. As a...
  23. J

    NAPLEX and Colorado MPJE

    Hey all! Passed the NAPLEX and MPJE-Colorado first time around. Email me if you want advice [email protected]
  24. X

    Matching University of Colorado radiology with a 234 Step 1 score?

    Is it possible? How is the program in terms of competitiveness? What would you guys recommend to have a high chance of matching there?
  25. Mr.Scalpel

    University of Colorado and OMFS

    So, the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine does not have an OMFS residency program affiliated with it. It does, however, have an oral surgery clinic. What is it like for the people wanting to go into OMFS over there and how do you go about getting involved in the field to make...
  26. Koala327

    CU Denver DPT Class of 2019

    Calling anyone and everyone who will be attending CU Denver this May 2017! I've spoken with Lauren and she said that towards the end of February she will be creating a facebook group for all of us to get connected, but if anyone out there wants to connect sooner, I wanted to put this thread out...
  27. Koala327

    CU Denver Class of 2019

    Calling anyone and everyone who will be attending CU Denver this May 2017! I've spoken with Lauren and she said that towards the end of February she will be creating a facebook group for all of us to get connected, but if anyone out there wants to connect sooner, I wanted to put this thread out...
  28. L

    Help with picking a school!! UIC vs. Utah vs. UW vs. Colorado

    I've been accepted into uic, university of Colorado, university of Utah, and university of Washington so far. I'm from California so all of these places are new to me and offer cheaper tuition that most California schools. Problem is I can't decide where to go? Uic is the highest ranked but how...
  29. P

    Thoughts on University of Colorado IM program

    Hey ! Can anyone comment on IM Residency at UC Denver? Camaraderie between residents? Didactics? Supportive attendings? Work hours ? Interim PD? Experience switching between all the hospitals? Thank you .
  30. sozetone


    Guys, Taking CO MPJE in a month, using pronto pass system. It's okay, but I really need to assess where i'm at. I think all these websites are SCAMS with erroneous questions, bad answers...etc. Does anyone have a reliable source for CO MPJE STUDY QUESTIONS ...?? thanks to anyone who can help...
  31. B

    Applying to Colorado a few months after moving there- resident?

    Hi SDN! I'm new here and am a senior in college. I plan on applying to dental school post grad, but am going to be taking a year off first (I chose the dental path a little late, so I'll be doing a post-bacc program to get my pre-reqs done). My question is- I currently live in Minnesota and am...
  32. P

    Which medical school for someone interested in radiation oncology?

    The deadline for holding on to just one med school acceptance is coming near, and I'm still torn between Case Western and Colorado School of Medicine. Right now, my primary interest in specialty is radiation oncology. Although I'm keeping an open mind, I think there's a good chance that I will...
  33. M

    IU vs UA vs CU

    Hello all! I'm a new user to SDN, but I have been intermittently reading/lurking on SDN for the last few years. I have gained a lot of valuable information from this site and have been so grateful and fortunate this year to have received multiple acceptances. Never in my wildest dreams would I...
  34. CynicKitten

    Calling all current/future Colostate vet med students!

    Hey current and future Rams. :) I'm currently trying to make a resource for the incoming vet med class to find pet friendly housing in Fort Collins. The essential idea is to: 1. Survey current students on where they lived: the cost, the environment, and whether or not they are looking to...
  35. Colorado Employer

    Colorado FP job

    A Community Health Center in the family-oriented, multicultural town of Pueblo, CO (elev. 4,695) is seeking a Family Medicine Physician to join their comprehensive team in a Medical Home which provides excellent care for the underserved population. This facility offers: · An annual salary...
  36. K

    coming back to CA after OOS pharmacy school?

    Hi, I've been accepted to UMN, UMich and University of Colorado for their Pharm.D program, and I am trying to decide which school would be the best if I'm planning on coming back to California for residency. Or does not it matter at all? Any comments/advices would be appreciated. Thank you!
  37. R

    RVU class of 2020

    Hey RVU class of 2020! This forum is to discuss anything and everything about our upcoming education. Initially some things to consider: -housing -orientation and starting dates -materials/computer/tablet to bring
  38. K

    Help! Minnesota vs Michigan vs Colorado?

    Hello! I have been recently admitted to UMN, UMich and UC for their pharmacy programs. It has been hard to decide which school would be best fit for me so I wanted to ask for some help from current students and graduates from these schools or pharmacists that are practicing in these...
  39. J

    What are my chances (MD)?

    Hi all. I just graduated from the University of Colorado with a 3.4 in integrative physiology and a Spanish minor. MCAT is 30. I have done two years of volunteering at the local hospital, worked in a medical office last summer, coached high school cross country and track. As far as making myself...