cost of living

  1. PinkMicroPipette

    C/O 2023 Dilemma

    Hello! I was accepted to C/O 2023 VMCVM and Edinburgh. I was also waitlisted for Tufts. I have been leaning towards UEdinburgh, for its cheaper tuition - not its COL-, vs VMCVM. I am curious as to whether foreign grads (UK degrees) encounter issues finding employment in the U.S.? And how...
  2. OldRedditGuy

    How exactly do students afford living expenses in high cost of living areas?

    Good morning, everyone! So, I'm new to the SDN website, and I've been searching around the forums this morning. I know this question has been asked several times, but I wanted to ask it myself seeing as I'll be in a particular situation. This is all started after the topic came up in a...
  3. doctorstrangerthingz

    No income during medical school. Is that typical/Doable?

    Hi ya'll I am matriculating in the fall and I was just wondering about the financials of being in medical school. Needless to say, I'll be taking out loans. But as far as pocket money and cost of living, my parents are definitely not able to support me, and I know how hard it is to work...
  4. S

    Cost of Living in Ireland

    Hi! I was just accepted to UCC (4 Year GEM from Canada) and am now trying to sort out the next steps. I know atlantic bridge has some information on costs but I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can give a rough idea of overall costs for actually living in Ireland. I can see info...
  5. L

    Concerned about tuition - what are some good schools to apply for out of state?

  6. 7

    Is Dental School Startclass total cost estimate accurate?

    I was reading through some of the schools I might be interested in. And I was wondering if the total expenses part that they have on there is accurate or not. Does the total expense include everything such as room and board(and all cost of living expenses) as well as all fees and tuition...
  7. N

    Trying to consider different options for living expenses

    So, I gave an introduction in the non-trad section, I won't go too much into that here. I'm here to try to find information specifically on what loans can and can't do. Here's where I'm at: I'm a veteran and have 100% Post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement. I'll be within 3 years of my ETS date (to...
  8. MJ_413

    Relying entirely on student loans

    I am a 31 year old, seriously considering medical school as a career changer. When I think of myself decades into the future, looking back on my life, thinking about whether I will be happy with the way I spent it, I know that I won't be if I have not done the best I can do. I don't feel like...
  9. Johnny Appleseed

    DO Tuition by School (2016-2017)

  10. C

    OSU vs UMN

    So I got accepted to OSU for this upcoming semester. However, I also got an interview invitation coming up for UMN; but I have to reply to OSU about my decision by March 21. My interview for UMN is on March 25. I do not know what to do because I really like UMN. I am an out of state student for...
  11. chompsss

    Can you take out loans while on HPSP?

    Hello, I have had a hard time getting a straight answer on this question, so I'm posing it to the collective forum in hopes that I can get real-world answers from people who actually have the HPSP and who have tried to borrow. My scenario: I'm considering HPSP but my expenses are more than the...
  12. lockian

    Residency in Hawaii -- financial issues

    Hey all, There was a thread about this a few years back, but my situation's a little different, so I thought I'd make a new post instead of bumping it. I am interviewing for a psychiatry residency in Hawaii in November, and I've read on these forums that if you're a low-maintenance person...