cost of med school

  1. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Is "having money" an unstated medical school pre-req?

    As my matriculation date approaches, I am beginning to think I'm "too poor" for medical school. These are merely observations, and I'll certainly still be attending, but I can't help but feel disadvantaged in many ways. Caveat: I'm low-income and first-generation, taking out the maximum cost...
  2. kesher

    Is there a point in paying for a top medical school if I want to go into pediatrics?

    I've seen many times on this site that Pediatrics is one of the least competitive residencies. This surprised me because as of now it's my top choice. Not surprisingly, highly ranked, typically private schools are very expensive... which equates to a lot in loans! My state school is much more...
  3. ClassicJandT

    How important is COA/debt in choosing between schools?

    I understand that for most people cost is only one of several factors and going to a more expensive school might make sense if that school is sufficiently better. For example, going to a school that has more research opportunities or better rotations could help you land a more competitive...
  4. H

    Pitt vs. Stony Brook (In-State)

    Hello! I'm assuming I won't get need-based grants from either school because I didn't get any for undergrad, and my family income is upper-middle class (150-200k combined). I have a sibling going to college, though, so I don't know how much that would affect this. I'm interested in a...
  5. Johnny Appleseed

    DO school Tuition and Debt!

    SCHOOL Resident Tuition Non-Resident Tuition Average graduate indebtedness (Graduating Class) UNTHSC/TCOM $13,078 $28,766 $139,337 (2014) LECOM-PA $31,030 $31,030...