dental hygienist to dentist

  1. P

    Dental Hygiene OR Nursing then apply to Dental School?

    I just graduated from undergrad with a bachelors of science in public health... Heres my background: After working as a dental assistant since my junior year in high school, I planned to take the classes needed to get into dental school. Freshman year- ----Fall Semester- Gen Bio I with Lab...
  2. F

    NYU Dental Hygiene

    Hi everyone. I was just accepted to NYU's dental hygiene program which is housed in NYU College of Dentistry. I haven't been able to find any forum's on NYU Dental Hygiene program. Has anyone attended NYU for dental hygiene and can you tell me about the experience? (pros & cons, job placement...
  3. adk0922

    DH to Dentist as back up plan

    Okay so let me explain my situation I am 25 have not gone to school at all other than one semester and have gotten nutrition as my only prerequisite done so I am at the beginning stage of everything. I'm recently divorced and have 2 kids so here's my question/idea/situation My plan was to do a...