dental prerequisite

  1. J

    I have a master's in psychology, can I take prereq's at CC for Dental school

    I have a Master's degree in psychology, but am interested in a career change. I have a few biology courses from my undergrad but still need to take chem, ochem and other higher level science classes. I am looking into a CC to save money instead of taking these classes at a 4yr university. Will...
  2. PreDentalMrs.

    Getting into dental school without a bachelors degree.

    For individuals whom were accepted into dental school without a bachelors degree. What path did you take? A little about me, I’ve been In the dental field for 23 years as a Registered Dental Assistant & advanced to Dental Practice Administrator. Now I’m at the University Of Phoenix going for my...
  3. C

    When would be a good time to start taking the DAT?

    I will be finishing all my pereqs by spring 2018. During spring 2018 I will be taking Organic Chemistry II. Would I be able to also start preparing for my DAT in the spring and take it before June because I plan on also applying the same year? Also what is a good way to start preparing my...
  4. tooth knockn

    BIOLOGY Prerequisite - Anatomy Physiology - Think Twice

    Hello So Dental schools require Biology as a prerequisite, General Biology 1 and 2 usually fill this pre-requisite. Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 DO NOT FULFILL BIOLOGY REQUIREMENT 1 AND 2 at all dental schools. I will add more later, like which schools do not accept AP 1 and 2 as a BIO...