1. S

    Telegram group links

    If you have a Medical discussion group link on telegram please drop it.
  2. L

    Internship in caricom affiliated countries

    I am about finishing medical school next year May and I need help I need to talk to current or past Caribbean interns and doctors I need advice on hospitals and countries that accept foreign doctors I need advice on acceptance rates of these hospitals I need advise on CAMC 1/2 What countries are...
  3. I

    IMGs & Canada?

    I'm a Canadian student currently studying medicine outside of Canada, but the core of my question is: what's the procedure of getting into internship or a residency program in my case? What sort of exams will I have to do (I've heard of the MCCQE & MCCEE)? Also, how much will my GPA affect my...
  4. HakunaMatt

    Internship in the United States as an international student

    Hello everyone! I am currently a second year attending a DO school as an international student. I sometimes worry about the difficulty in getting a residency as an international student who has done medical school in the US. Are there some specialities that are immediately ruled out for me due...
  5. L

    Internship or Residency for non-EU or International medical graduates

    Hello Everyone :) I am an indian, currently studying in a medical college in Malaysia. I am going to graduate in 2017. I am kind of in a huge trouble now, you see I cant do my internship in Malaysia because I am a foreign student and I cant do it in India also as because our degree is a...