job salary offer

  1. PTSI

    Physician Wanted, 3 Years Experience in Occup/ER/Family, or, Internal- Direct Hire in Missouri

    We are looking to hire a Plant Physician for someone with 3 years of experience in Occupational, Emergency, Family, or Internal medicine for a major automotive manufacturer. MUST be comfortable with Acute care such as; lacerations, non-complex sutures, simple facial sutures, reading x-rays of...
  2. VitruMan725

    Your Dream Ped Dentist Gig - North NJ, Hospital Opp, Partner Options, Great Pay

    Stuck at a dead end position with little room for growth? Looking for a productive and jovial office environment within shouting distance of the world's finest restaurants and entertainment? Want to maximize the return on your hours by earning well above the industry average? Are you ready for...
  3. drkristy85

    $300,000 job offer

    I got these job offers in my inbox---thought I would share with the SDN community: 1) A Top 20 critical access hospital located in Indiana has an immediate opening for a Primary Care physician. Three of their current physicians have stopped accepting new patients due to being heavily booked...