kansas city university of medicine and biosciences

  1. StudentDoctor54321

    KCU-COM vs. PHSU

    Personal: I am a Florida resident. I have family in Kansas and Puerto Rico. I am not sure which school to enter, so I gather some information below and appreciate your thoughts. Professional/Academic: I am an untraditional student and have work experience as well as research publications. I...
  2. T

    RVU vs. KCU

    Hi all I am having trouble choosing between the rocky vista an kansas city masters program. They are both extremely far from me, so location isn't a problem. I heard many positives and negatives from both programs making my decision even harder. At first I was leaning towards kansas city and...
  3. A

    Need help.. please someone

    I am on a road trip across the country to settle in Lebanon, Oregon where I will be attending Western U. Currently, I am venturing through the Midwest and on my way to Kansas City for the night. Just several minutes ago, I received a phone call saying that I was accepted to KCU. They are giving...
  4. 7

    DO School -> Residency

    Hello Everyone, I have read many many posts and forums regarding this whole topic of DO school and residency. I do fully understand that MD vs. DO, the title is not everything. It is how the student does in school, board exams, interaction with your faculty, etc. With my stats, I am more fitted...
  5. S

    Acom vs kcu-Joplin

    I really loved kcu Kansas City campus but was accepted to the Joplin campus. Now I'm just having a hard time deciding on which school to pay the deposit for Bc deadline is fast approaching. I have a few more interviews within the next two weeks (bcom/NOVA/cusom/at still soma) but will likely...
  6. O

    KCUMB-COB 2015-2016 Discussion Thread

    Hello All, I recently applied, January 8th, to the one-year Masters of Biomedical Sciences Program at KCU. I got my acceptance letter the following week, January 11th. I am strongly considering attending this program because I intend to matriculate into their COM. I started this thread to meet...
  7. K

    KCUMB Housing class of 2020 (entering in summer of 2016)

    Hey y'all! I got accepted to KCUMB and was hoping to get started early on looking for housing! If anyone else is looking for a roommate (or just wanting to connect with people who will be in the same medical school class at KCUMB:)) please reply here! I am female and I am looking for 1-2...