letter of recommendation

  1. S

    Specializing after working as GP

    If I have been practicing as a GP for several years after dental school but decide that I want go back to specialize in endodontics, where / how would I get 3 letters of recommendation? I had no interest in specializing while in dental school, and so I never participated in research or built...
  2. Vistian

    Software engineer non-trad - Which letter or recommendation to use? Old boss vs. Shadowing Doctor?

    I'm a non-trad student. Former software engineer for 18 years. URM. 517 MCAT. 3.3 sGPA (old bad grades). 4.0 Post-Bacc. over 42 credits (shiny new!). Decided to go into medicine. I have six LOR writers. One Post-Bacc committee (academic). One research (physician). Two from most-meaningful...
  3. Yams_

    LOR - Science Faculty & Nontraditional Path

    Hello! As I've posted before, I'm a nontrad pre dent. This means I am scrambling to finish my prerequisite courses ASAP, which of course are pretty much science classes (I did the others in undergrad). My school does not offer committee letters so my only option to apply to CWRU is to have 2...
  4. J

    Cannot secure science faculty letters

    I have been having extreme difficulty in securing science professor recommendation letters. This past semester I did wonderful and had an A in microbio. I got to know the professor through zoom, email conversations, etc…When I asked for a letter she stated since we never met in person, she...
  5. B

    Need help with LORs and a specific situation regarding LOR.

    Hi everyone, I am currently preparing for the next application cycle and I am unsure about how I should approach my letter of recommendations. I have heard that interfolio is a good start, but I am not quite sure what this application does. Regarding, an actual LOR situation, which is my...
  6. A

    OMFS Letter of Recommendation for General Surgery Residency (IMG)

    Hi everyone, I’m a UK medical student who is considering moving to the states after graduation. My question is concerning letters of recommendation. I have 3 opportunities to gain US clinical experience, my first being this summer (elective). I’ve been emailing around different hospitals...
  7. V

    Interfolio Delivered My Letters to AMCAS for 3 times

    I submitted the letters from Interfolio to AMCAS in June. Then the schools received the letters on July 1st. But several days later, Interfolio submitted the same letters to AMCAS again on July 15th so the schools updated my letters (actually the same letters). What made me super confused is...
  8. G

    (solved) thought I had 3 great LOR's but now it looks like I only have 1. PLEASE HELP!!

    Edit: problem solved, thanks for the help!
  9. Z

    Do my Letters of Recommendation NEED to be from professors I had or can they be from anyone?

    Hey guys, I couldn’t exactly find the answer to this so here I am. Do my LORs need to be from professors who taught the courses that I took? Or can I have a professor who has never taught me before write me a letter of recommendation? Like a professor whose class I never took basically. Will...
  10. Cracking Med Admissions

    Medical How to Ask For a Strong Medical School Letter of Recommendation

    Letter of recommendations matter. Don't settle for GOOD letters of rec. But strive to get strong letters of recommendation for your medical school applications! Read our tips on how to ask for a medical school letter of recommendation: How to Ask For a Medical School Letter of Recommendation...
  11. Sarasa Zebra

    What is the absolute max for number of LoRs (for MD/PhD programs)?

    To make this thread useful for others in the forum, I'll generalize the question a bit. What would the answer be for the two scenarios where: (1) Your school has a pre-health advising committee and writes a committee letter for MD/PhD applicants (2) You must submit letters yourself through...
  12. M

    Co-Authors on Letter of Recommendation

    Is it a good practice to have two people write one LOR? I know you shouldn't have two letters from the same place/experience since it will be redundant but if those two people both have something valuable to say about you and that experience can you have them co-write one letter?
  13. M

    Non-Trad Academic Letters of Recommendation Question

    Greetings, SDN. Quick question for you guys: I have two solid letters of recommendation, one from over a year-long research internship and the other from the director of a charity that I've been at for over five years. However, I just realized (my fault, I know) that I'm required to have...
  14. H

    Letter of Recommendation (from CC)

    Applying to optometry school! I went to a community college for 2 years where I did most of my prerequisites and transferred to a university (just finished my first year at university, going into my senior year). I haven’t be able to connect with my science professors at my university, so I...
  15. D

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  16. abtazz12

    Must submit 7th letter of recommendation!

    Hey all, So I recently shadowed another DO (already have a LOR from one; already included and submitted with my AACOMAS application) and he is more than willing to write me a letter. The problem is that AACOMAS only allows 6 letters to be submitted, which I already have. The shadowing went...
  17. Punished Angeleno

    Letter of Recommendation Letterhead and Signature

    Hey everyone. So the general dentist I shadow just submitted my letter of recommendation on Interfolio and the website found that he did not include a letterhead or signature. Is this going to be a problem even though I already have his contact information in the "Experiences" section of my...
  18. mikeknicksjets

    LoR from Lab Coordinator?

    Hey all, first-time poster here. I just recently to apply DO after months of going back and forth of whether I should (avg stats, ECs). Anyway, I'm in the process of gathering letters and was wondering if a LoR from my biochemistry lab coordinator would suffice as a science letter. He's not a TA...
  19. drawingdentist

    Letter of Recommendation From a Professor Who Taught Me a Dual Enrollment Class

    Hey everyone, I would like to ask for advice regarding a letter of recommendation from a professor who taught me science dual enrollment courses two years ago. This professor really inspired me to pursue the health field, specifically dentistry. I took him for two prereq science courses and was...
  20. 1

    opinion on letter of recommendation from a pastor/clergy...?

    Can anyone share their opinion on getting a letter of rec from a pastor? I am thinking about getting one from him as my volunteer/community service manager, since I volunteered at the church and was deeply involved in its charity activities (and held high leadership position for years during my...
  21. 2

    Can a lab TA write me a letter of rec?

    Hey everyone! I am planning to apply this coming cycle and am in the process of finalizing my letters of recommendation. Would dental schools look negatively upon a letter written by my physiology lab TA? She was the one that was the primary instructor and I did not see the professor once. I...
  22. A

    Question about when to send in committee letter for TMDSAS and AMCAS

    Hello. I'm currently working on my applications and I would like to ask about when I could or should submit my committee packet/letter. Are we allowed to have the letter(s) sent in before submitting the application?
  23. A

    recommendation letterhead

    Hi all, One of my recommenders is not allowed to put an official letterhead by organizational policy. Do you think this will be an issue for medical schools? Will they not accept the letter for this reason?
  24. J

    Family Medicine Application without FM Letters of Recommendation?

    Hello everyone, I will be applying to family medicine this match (2018-2109). I am an international medical student doing clinical rotations from July-January. Before the opening of ERAS on September 15, I will have only completed a visiting student elective in NICU and CCU. After September 15...
  25. P

    Recommender terminally ill

    Hey everyone, There are a number of schools that I am applying to that require a letter of recommendation from all previous PIs. One PI, who I was very close with and has already written me a great letter in the past, was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. As a result of this, he will...
  26. D

    How to get 3-4 Derm Letter of Recs?

    Hi everyone, I'm finishing third year and plan to apply to Derm next year and have a few questions regarding the LORs. Currently I only have 1 strong letter from my Derm research mentor. I also anticipate to have 1 from my medicine subI. Due to my scheduling constraints, I won't be able to do...
  27. S

    LOR: would this count as a non-science letter?

    Hi All! I have a somewhat specific question about a letter of rec coming from a professor who taught me a non-science course that was listed in a science department. This professor knows me very well, so I definitely want to use this letter. The course is listed as in the department of...
  28. S

    LORs for MSTP student applying to derm

    I'm an MSTP student soon to be going back to third year. Heavily interested in Derm though it's possible that I will fall in love with something else during my rotations. I have done some shadowing in derm during my PhD. My PhD is in bacteriology host pathogen interactions and tying it into derm...
  29. P

    Applying to Med School without non-science LOR?

    I am a traditional applicant applying this cycle (June 2018--my 4th year at a university) and I am a little stressed out because I don't have a letter of rec from a non-science professor. The majority of my courses just happened to be science courses since this was my main area of interest. I...
  30. S

    Waitlist Updates: Letter of Rec

    So I am currently on 5 waitlists and want to submit an additional letter of rec from one of my professors. Should this letter be submitted via amcas or sent directly to the schools at which I am waitlisted? Also, if it is to be emailed directly should that be done by my professor or by myself?
  31. T

    Applying to Schools where Letter of Rec. Requirements are not met

    Hello, I have submitted my primary AMCAS application and have received a secondary application from every school that I choose to apply to. There are a few schools were I do not meet their letter of recommendation requirements(I only have one science professor of the two that they require). I...
  32. L

    Does an optometrist LOR have to be one that you shadowed?

    I'm requesting some of my LORs currently so that I can get my applications submitted soon. I have 2 optometrists in mind, although I technically did not shadow either of them. (Worked often with them though) NECO mentions that they require a shadowed optometrist LOR on their website. This got...
  33. T

    shadowing a dentist my first year, when should I ask for a letter of rec?

  34. S

    When is a LOR considered late?

    I was under the impression that most programs won't sent interviews until the MSPE is released. I am waiting on one of my letter writers to submit. It will be uploaded by the end of September but I'm wondering if that is too late.
  35. D

    LOR for Application

    Hello Everyone, This is a stupid question, but since it's my first time I was hoping you could help me out. I am about to send my request to my evaluators for LOR and have a couple questions 1) I am assuming that if they complete and send the LOR then I will get a notification that it has been...
  36. rabbott1971

    Letters of Recommendation: How-to for Applicants

    OK so I see many applicants struggling to get their LORs squared away. This advice will help you and your letter-writers. Big Picture: you need to make it as easy as possible for your letter-writer. So how do you do this? For each of my letter-writers, I prepared the following: 1. A letter to...
  37. S

    Update a Letter of Recommendation

    I have my secondaries all submitted including my committee letter. As part of my committee letter packet I have a LoR from a faculty member of my state SOM. I took an accelerated course with this professor and asked for a LoR, which he gladly wrote. I just finished TA'ing the same course for...
  38. BlueBee20

    unsure if my letter writer signed the LOR...

    HELP - I asked for LOR's a LONG time ago because I thought I was on top of things. They have all already been submitted, and the last was submitted in late June. Most of them were submitted in May. I gave all of the letter writers that AMCAS PDF that explains how to upload the letter, etc...
  39. R

    Question about LoR

    If I have 3 letters of recommendation ready to go out now, but my fourth one wont be ready until august 30, should I apply with those 3 letters now or wait? The last letter is from a doctor that I shadowed, who I also did research under, but the research won't be ready for presentation until...
  40. V

    Letter of Recommendation if I am an undergraduate teaching assistant?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering for my science letter of recommendation, could I get the letter from a teacher that I am an undergraduate teaching assistant for? I have already taken the course previously but with a different professor, who I did not really get to know that well, so I was wondering...