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  1. A

    LGBTQ-focused Research, Community Volunteering, Student Clubs, and other opportunities in Medical Schools

    Hello folks, I am in the process of applying to medical schools. Opportunities focused on LGBTQ-health in medical schools are very important for me in making a decision. In the past, I have conducted public health research with sexual and gender minorities. I also volunteered in a clinical...
  2. MedSmithie

    What resources do you wish existed? (for LGBT medical students and professionals and for patients)

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious to know if there are resources that you wish existed for LGBT+ pre-meds or med students, for LGBT+ medical professionals, or for LGBT+ patients. Do you wish that you had more comprehensive LGBT+-health-related training in medical school? Do you wish that you had more...
  3. Lil Red PrePsy Student

    Education and Career Track for Student Interested in Transition Related Care

    Hi Everyone, Mini existential crisis happening. I dont think I want to be a Psychologist anymore. You know despite all of my education, money, and experience being in the realm of social and behavioral sciences. I have decided that I like the idea of being a surgical PA or NP but I would like...

    Creating a Welcoming Clinical Environment for LGBT Patients

    Good afternoon, I wanted to share with all of you my scholarly project for family medicine. For my topic I wanted to focus on improving the clinical environment for LGBT patients, especially in more rural areas. I'm looking for feedback on this project as I plan on expanding it in the future...