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  1. J

    Uconn post bacc vs. BU MAMS

    Hi All -
  2. A

    MS: TouroCOM-Middletown vs. PCOM

    Hi guys! I have been planning on attending TouroCOM Middletown's 1-year Master's program next year, which has a guaranteed acceptance into their DO program if you obtain a 3.5 GPA and pass the comprehensive exam. Apparently ~50% of the MS students reach this goal (according to a professor...
  3. surgeryDO

    LECOM Master of Medical Science, Bradenton

    LECOM Bradenton is rolling out a one year, 38 credit, Master of Medical Science program with the first class to start in June. On their website it states "Students who successfully complete the MMS program and apply to LECOM through the channels appropriate to their area of interest (medicine...