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    Low Science GPA, Considering Options Outside of DPT, Thoughts?

    I realize the whole "I have a low science gpa, am I going to get in?!" topic has been brought up a million times on SDN, but I think that my goals and aspirations might make my situation a little bit different. So basically my situation is that I just graduated from West Chester University with...
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    USC MPH online

    I recently got accepted into the University of Southern California's online MPH program for Spring 2016. I applied in the Biostatistics & Epidemiology track. I was hoping that current students/alumni from the program could tell me what it's like and whether they recommend the program or not...
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    MPH at a School w/o a Dual Degree Option

    I was recently admitted to Rush Medical College. Although I LOVE the school, they don't have a Master's of Public Health program, and I was hoping to finish medical school with both degrees. Perhaps I could take part time MPH classes at Northwestern or get it by taking an extra year after M2...