mcat books for sale

  1. M

    $50 free shipping OBO Kaplan 5th ed (2018) set

    $50 free shipping OBO PayPal only MCAT Kaplan Fifth Ed (2018) Set with some highlights in Review books and markings in the Lesson Book MCAT Quicksheets MCAT High Yield Science MCAT Prep Lesson Book Behavioral Science Review Organic Chemistry Review Biology Review Biochemistry Review Critical...
  2. dyeraa

    For Sale MCAT Kaplan 2016 Books For Sale $80

    MCAT Kaplan Prep Books 2016 - Second Edition 3 of the books have some highlighted areas but they are like new! All 7 subjects including Quicksheets. -Behavioral Sciences -Biochemistry -Biology -General Chemistry -Organic Chemistry -Physics & Math -CARS Message me for info! Selling...
  3. cmanigat


    I participated in a pre-med MCAT Prep program last summer with Blueprint (NextStep MCAT Prep). I accidentally received 2 sets of the MCAT prep material and unfortunately, they did not accept returns/exchanges. Thus, I have 2 identical sets of 9 MCAT prep books and I would like to sell one of...
  4. S

    Selling MCAT Books (2017 Berkeley Review set, Examkrackers (10th ed), Kaplan (2nd edition), etc.

    Hey guys, I wanted to sell my MCAT books now that I have been accepted into medical school! Let me know if you are interested! Examkrackers 10th edition: 120$ OBO Kaplan 2nd edition: 50$ OBO Berkeley Review 2017 for new MCAT: 350$ OBO Just Message me for the other books. If you buy any of the...
  5. I

    MCAT books for sale! EK, TPR, TBR

    Hi everyone, I am selling my MCAT books. Please DM me @icyseal171 for any inquiries. Ships only to US. Mcat: Old edition set TBR + others: $75 shipping included This is the older edition for the MCAT prior to 2015, but it contains a lot of practice questions and concepts that are also in the...
  6. J

    Selling MCAT Prep Books (EK, Kaplan, The Berkley Review)

    Hi Everyone! I'm selling the following books (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE), message me if you'd like some pictures :) ExamKrackers 10th Edition BOOK SET (NEW, no highlights/writing): $150 including shipping The Berkley Review Printed 2017 (NEW, no highlights/writing): $140 +shipping Organic...
  7. D

    MCAT: Berkeley Review 2019 entire 10 book set and/or Kaplan 2018-2019 Complete 7-book Subject Review

    Message for details about reasonably priced, largely untouched TBR and/or Kaplan book sets. 2019 Berkeley Review complete 10 book set Completely unmarked, good as new. General Chemistry (2 books) Organic Chemistry (2 books) Physics (2 books) Biology (2 books) Psychology (1 book) CARS (1 book)...
  8. A

    For Sale Berkely Review and Kaplan Books for sale

    Hi guys, I am selling my Kaplan and Berkeley Review MCAT books. 2017 BERKELEY REVIEW: gen chem I & II bio/biochem I & II organic chem I & II physics I & II I have done some of the homework in the TBR books. Mostly in pencil very lightly, so I can erase that before sending--- I have uploaded a...
  9. P

    For Sale Tons of MCAT books for sale

    Hi all, I have a ton of MCAT books for sale. See below for details. The books included in each set are pictured. - Kaplan 2nd edition set: All in new condition - Kaplan 3rd edition set: Everything in new condition except Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, which are lightly used - Kaplan 4th...
  10. J

    For sale: $210 MCAT books incl. shipping

    Hi Everyone, I need this gone in a week. I am leaving island and I'm starting my med school school postbac program in a couple of weeks, so I no longer need this and I'm hoping to get rid of it by July 5th. Used Kaplan set: $50 Used: The Princeton Review Set: $50 New: NextStep Psychology &...
  11. D

    Kaplan MCAT complete 7 book set

    Hi SDNers I am selling 2nd edition of the kaplan set. Condition is like-new only places written on is the end of chapter questions, no highlighting in text. Set includes: Biochemistry Physics Behavioral sciences (psych and sociology) Organic chem Biology General chem and CARS books Located...
  12. Silver378

    MCAT Books- TPR CARS Workbook, Examkrackers, etc.

    Selling my MCAT books since I don't need them anymore :) The Princeton Review 2015 Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) Workbook - $50 Excellent condition, no writing or highlighting. I bought it brand new. Examkrackers MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning Passages - $12 Excellent condition, no...
  13. M

    For Sale Medical School Admission and MCAT Books

    MCAT/MED SCHOOL APPLICATION BOOKS FOR SALE! I am selling some books that I no longer need but were very useful in my application for medical schools. All books are in good condition with either minor notes in the margin or highlights of key points. If you have any questions, please PM me...
  14. S

    For Sale Complete TPR set with notes

    See photo attached below for all of the books in the TPR set. All books are not marked in. Also included: Color-coded notes from the prep course. Pre-MCAT2015 Kaplan Prep books for additional practice Would like to sell as a set. Message me for pricing details. Buyer pays for shipping.
  15. M

    Selling TBR and TPR books (Canada)

    I am selling the newest TBR books (except the psych/soc books). The books had some answers circled in pencil, which have now been erased. I am located in Canada (Toronto) and would like to sell to a fellow Canadian to keep shipping costs down. Selling TBR set for $250 CAD.
  16. mcat prep

    MCAT Test Prep Week: Ask me anything about how to prep for the MCAT

    Hello students! Ask us anything! How do you even begin studying for the MCAT? Where can you find the best MCAT prep? What can you do to prepare for the CARS section? What are some test-taking strategies? Taking the MCAT is incredibly challenging and a bit daunting, but we are here to help! Ask...
  17. S

    For Sale Selling TPR set and SN2ed set

    Complete TPR set from spring 2016 class. I can also send you color coded notes from the course. SN2ed Set. Breaking Down the MCAT: A 3 Month MCAT Study Schedule Kaplan pre-MCAT 2015 prep can be thrown in for free if you want them. Message me for pricing details. Buyer pays for shipping.
  18. T

    For Sale TPR Princeton Review Course Books (full set) + extras!

    Recently completed Princeton Review's MCAT prep course, so I'm selling the materials we've used. All were purchased 3 months ago (May 2017) together as a set and have very little to no writing or highlighting in them. They are all the most updated versions for the "new" MCAT. I'm asking $200 for...
  19. S

    For Sale Kaplan (Third Edition) MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Online + Book

    I'm selling my set of Kaplan MCAT test prep books (third edition) for the new MCAT. The seven books are in like new condition, have not been written in, contain the MCAT one-sheet subject booklet, and have complete access to the online test bank (has not been used before). I could arrange a...
  20. M

    For Sale MCAT BOOKS FOR SALE (EXAMKRACKERS + BR) [Serious seller]

    Hi, I have some books for sale for people preparing for the MCAT examinations! ExamKrackers 7th Edition: Biology Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Physics EK 1001 for Physics and Biology The Berkeley Review (Copyright 2009): Physics Part I (Sections I-V) Physics Part II (Sections VI- X) General...
  21. M

    For Sale MCAT books : TBR, Examkrackers, AAMC & Princeton

    Hi, I bought the following books just recently to prepare for the MCAT exam but changed my mind. Hence, all books are new, unmarked and according to the new version of the exam. Images attached for reference. -Latest edition Berkeley review (TBR) MCAT books set (Mint conditon, BRAND NEW) -...
  22. snail12345

    Selling MCAT materials- TBR and Kaplan

    I have the full Kaplan set of books- all the disciplines plus the book needed for the online course and the cheat-sheet/quick book I also have the new editions of The Berkeley Review for physics, gen chem, orgo, CARS. And the old version for the bio books (its almost the same as the new one) I'm...
  23. A

    For Sale MCAT books for sale!

    Hi! I used these books and got in! If anyone wants to buy the books please PM me with a reasonable request and I will be happy to send them your way. Buyer pays for shipping. I have the full kaplan set for the new test and the old one. The old one works if you just need a review for one of the...
  24. G

    For Sale A ton of MCAT Books for Sale!!!!!: BR, Kaplan, EK, TPR

    I am selling a bunch of MCAT Books. All of these books are in GREAT condition and have absolutely no markings in them. I would like to keep the books in their respective companies set (e.g Kaplan, BR, EK...). However, I am willing to part them out individually if need be. The Berkeley Review...
  25. A

    For Sale Kaplan MCAT2015 Books

    Complete Kaplan MCAT2015 Books All books in completely new condition - no markings at all. All books 2015 edition. Only selling as a set! Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review Organic Chemistry Review Physics and Math Review General Chemistry Review Biochemistry Review Biology Review...
  26. A

    For Sale MCAT Prep Books - EK, Kaplan, TPR, TBR, NOVA, Flashcards

    Kaplan All books in completely new condition - no markings at all. All books 2014 edition. Verbal Reasoning Physics GenChem Orgo Biology MCAT 45 MCAT Premiere 2011-2012 The Princeton Review Some markings, etc from previous owner. Verbal Reasoning Physics & Math Orgo Biology The Princeton...
  27. A

    Selling: TPR Hyperlearning 2011, TBR Complete 2013, EK Complete 9th Ed, Kaplan Biochem 2nd Ed

    I'm selling the following. Everything is for the new MCAT. -SOLD ---TPR Hyperlearning, 2011, very good condition--- SOLD -SOLD ---TBR Complete Set, 2013, good condition, some pen marks--- SOLD -TBR Biology Part 1 and 2, 2015, new condition, no markings -EK Complete Set, 9th Ed, 2015, like new...
  28. monkey1398

    For Sale MCAT Books New Edition (TBR, TPR, EK)

    I took MCAT in September 2016. Now I'm selling my books. I prefer to sell TBR and TPR books in sets (mother of two little ones. Rather sell them quick). Shipping is not included The Berkeley Review Set 2015 edition: $100 Books are in good condition. I can't study without underlying. There are...
  29. O

    New and old Princeton review MCAT books $50 I am selling a bunch of books for a low price on ebay so that its safer. I dont want these books anymore, so if you want them please take them! :D... The books already sold once and the bidder stopped commenting after he or she won, so I am now...
  30. L

    For Sale MCAT books

    Selling these two MCAT books. $50 for both, total, or $25 each.
  31. T

    For Sale MCAT TBR 2016 Edition Set

  32. IndianaPremed

    For Sale Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Tests ($40)

    Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Tests (2015, Second Edition): Chemical & Physical + Biological & Biochemical Foundations (ISBN-13: 978-1503325036) $40 (includes shipping)
  33. IndianaPremed

    For Sale The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, Second Edition (Just pay the cost of shipping)

    The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, Second Edition FREE (Just pay for shipping) ships from 60546
  34. IndianaPremed

    For Sale McGraw-Hill Education MCAT 2015 Cross Platform Edition $20 each + shipping

    McGraw-Hill Education MCAT 2015 Cross Platform Edition $20 each (includes shipping) 1. Behavioral and Social Sciences & Critical Analysis (ISBN-13: 978-0071825610) 2. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems (ISBN-13: 978-0071822039) 3. Chemical and Physical...
  35. M

    Selling TPR Complete MCAT Set

    I'm selling my complete set of the Princeton Review MCAT books for $100. In addition to the 6 review books, I'm including the Science workbook, CARS workbook, In-Class Compendium, and AMCAS official guide to the MCAT. If you're interested, I also have versions (from old MCAT) of the Berkeley...
  36. W

    MCAT 2015: Kaplan, AAMC Official, EK, NS, + FL tests

    I am selling a few different things from multiple companies. I can bundle them or sell them individually: - Berkeley Review updated Organic Chemistry Part I and II (only first 10 pages of part I highlighted) ~$50 for both - NextStep MCAT Verbal Practice (10 of the 12 tests not taken) $15 -...
  37. A

    Lots of MCAT books for sale - great shape (TPR, ExamKrackers, Kaplan, Novas)

    The following set of books make a comprehensive study package for the MCAT. (I am located in Los Angeles, CA -- shipping not included in rates) 1) Exam Krackers - 2016 9th Edition Complete Study Package -- $175 -- Like New (books NOT sold separately) 2) The Princeton Review (TPR) 2015 Science...