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  1. medshousing

    Renting West Ashley, Charleston, South Carolina-Quiet Apartment West Ashley, Charleston, South Carolina-Quiet Apartment As posted on Contact Landlord Contact click here West Ashley, Charleston, South Carolina. Furnished one bedroom apartment with private entrance, private fenced in yard, off street parking...
  2. C

    MUSC Class of 2022

    I just got accepted to MUSC DPT today! Anyone else? I'm so excited!
  3. tutorthepeople

    MCAT Medical Interview Series: TTP IS with Lindsay, MS1 @ MUSC

    This interview premieres the Tutor the People Interview Series (TTP IS). Throughout the TTP IS, we’ll chat with people from all walks of life within the medical field: doctors, medical students, pre-meds, advisors, and more. Today we’re speaking with Lindsay, an MS1 at the Medical University of...
  4. K

    MUSC Roommate search!!

    Hi! I am looking for 1 or 2 new female residents to room with in Charleston! Message me if you are interested. I have some great places picked out downtown that I would love to find some roommates for! Look forward to hearing from you guys!!