military residencies

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    All Branch Topic (ABT) Interested in military residency, not enrolled in HPSP. Is it possible?

    Hello, I am currently a 3rd year medical student about to begin my clinical rotations at a US allopathic medical school. I want to serve in the military, but I am not enrolled in HSPS. I am looking into FAP, but I would prefer to match into a military residency. Is it possible to match into a...
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    Army or Navy HPSP? Is it easy to go straight to residency after med school?

    Please explain some of the pros and cons of Army vs. Navy HPSP. Like culture, locations, residencies and total years committed. I am about to pick one of them. I have read some other posts, but just wanted the most updated info and to clear up some things I still don't know. Some websites...