saba university school of medicine

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    Renting Staten Island Furnished Housing Few mins. Walk to Richmond University Medical Center & Drive to SIUH

    Just Listed on MedsHousing.com ! Listing #2180 Furnished housing avail. in Staten Island about 3 min. walk to Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) - No car is needed It's also few mins. drive to Staten island University Hospital (SIUH) Walk to stores, food places, Laundromat, buses and...
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    Roommate Staten Island, share accomodations private room in 3 bedroom home.

    New Listings on www.Medshousing.com for Staten Island Staten Island, NY-1 bedroom in 3 bedroom town house - MedsHousing.com Staten Island, NY-STUDIO APARTMENT all inclusive - MedsHousing.com
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    Saba University School of Medicine--Proceed With Caution

    I am a current student at SUSOM--finished with their "basic sciences" portion of the curriculum. This post is a recollection of my experiences and opinions which I hope will guide you away from considering this place for your medical education. Things the school will not tell you before...
  4. F

    Honest opinions?

    This is ONLY for current and/or past students who attended Medical School in the Caribbean. How did you enjoy it? Pros? Cons? I would like to attend a school in the Caribbean... & then do family medicine residency which is not something super competitive to find residency in...which is why I am...
  5. A

    Caribbean school chances

    Hello all, I am a recent graduate with a cumulative 2.99 GPA, with a 2.74 science GPA. I also just took the MCAT and scored a 485 (Yes, its low). I was wondering what my chances of getting into a Caribbean school would be (Ross, AUA, AUC, Saba, Trinity and St. Matthews). What can I do to help...
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    BIG 4 Decision SGU Ross AUC Saba My Opinion On Which To Go To Written 10/2016

    JUST WHAT I'VE GATHERED, THIS IS NOT FACTUAL I am accepted at all of the Big 4. I have done a lot of research, been to info sessions, the works and heres what I've come up with. They are all very similar, but its a big decision to make, so I want to put everything I can into it. I hope this can...
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    Saba University School of Medicine Class of 2020

    Hello viewers, I created this post to reach out to others like myself who will be attending Saba University School of Medicine starting the September 2016 semester. Congratulations on your acceptance and I look forward to meeting all of you on the island. I was wondering if anyone has started a...