1. M

    How do adcoms compare applicants of different SES?

    Like suppose a reviewer first looks at an applicant with a high-SES or physician parent, 3.9+ gpa, 521 MCAT, prestigious college background, great ECS and they decide to invite them for an interview. The next applicant they look at is first gen/very low-income with a 3.8+ gpa, 517 MCAT, good...
  2. sat0ri

    FAP≡SES? Fee Assistance Program and evalation of disadvantaged SES

    Hopefully this is not a frivolous question though I seem to have a penchant for that, but is there any relation between getting FAP and being seen by adcom's as being SES disadvantaged? For example, if you do not get FAP are you precluded from being considered SES disadvantaged? Does FAP...