shared apartment

  1. medshousing

    Roommate South Detroit-UMichigan Ann Arbor share with a PGY2 has a One bed one bath rental

    As listed on Share a place with a PGY2 "I have a furnished two bedroom two bathroom apartment. You have your own bedroom/bathroom. I have rented the room out to med students before. I am a female PGY2. I like to keep the kitchen and living room clean! I have a washer/dryer...
  2. L

    Renting Lincoln Square/Swedish Covenant Hospital shared apartment available

    3 blk walk to Swedish Covenant. 3 BR 1 bath apartment available Long or short stay for medical student. Great condo/fully furnished and great neighborhood $750 a month, $400 a week, $75 a day email [email protected] for more information