sidney kimmel medical college

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  1. D

    Sidney Kimmel Medical College: MD-MBA/MHA or MD/MPH?

    Hello folks, I have recently gotten admission to my dream medical school and now upon more research, I found a few different areas of study I would like to look into as well (offered by the school). Either I can work on an MBA/MHA or I can work on an MPH in association with my medical degree...
  2. D

    Cincinnati vs. Jefferson

    I've been accepted to the University of Cincinnati and waitlisted at TJU. I really liked the vibe of TJ on interview day and fell in love with Philly! Cincinnati also seems to be a great school, but I just didn't get a great vibe from it from interview day. Cincy is also ranked P/F, which isn't...
  3. Asclepius293

    Wayne State (Full Ride) vs Jefferson (Loans or HPSP)

    Hey all! Posed this as an extension of a military med thread I made a few days ago, but figured I'd also post it in this thread for feedback. I was recently offered full tuition at Wayne State University. However, I was also accepted to Sidney Kimmel Medical College (Thomas Jefferson...
  4. Asclepius293

    Multiple Acceptances: Thoughts Appreciated!

    Hey all, I was fortunate enough to receive multiple acceptances this cycle and would be grateful for feedback as I deliberate them. I am a Michigan resident and will be doing the HPSP scholarship through the Navy (unless I decide on USUHS). The schools I'm deciding on are USUHS, Thomas...
  5. F

    Physician Shortage Area Program at Sidney Kimmel Medical College

    Hello everyone! I applied to Jefferson's PSAP for this cycle and have not heard from them yet. I am still sitting with the "decision pending" portal status. I was wondering if any of you applied to PSAP or are currently completing it now, and if anyone can shed some light on the timeline of...