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    Anesthesiologist Assistant Jobs and Salary in South Florida

    Hi all, I was looking to ask someone about the South Florida job environment for Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA): for example what hospitals (or others) are hiring or have hired AA in the past in South Florida? Are there any in Miami-Dade (I believe I saw some in Broward but nothing in Miami)...
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    Looking for MCAT study partner(s) in South Florida- Delray/Boca/*Coral Springs*/Fort Lauderdale Area

    Tulane 2016 graduate with a BS and 3.64 GPA. Been studying for 2 years now (on and off), scoring around 50th percentile composite. Goal score is 510+. Looking to start a study group that wants to meet at local library or a University library in the listed areas. Planning to study long hours 8-10...
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    Shadowing Opportunity to Shadow South Florida/Detroit Area

    Hi everyone, I am looking heavily into the field of anesthesiology assistant. I am a recent graduate from Barry University's Masters of Biomedical Science. I hope to apply and for AA but i am seeking an opportunity to not only learn the field but also to obtain my required hours. Its been...