touro college of dental medicine

  1. jjsmiles

    Touro vs. Temple (OOS)

    I was fortunate to have been accepted into Touro and Temple Dental School. I have been waitlisted at Buffalo and UNE. Still waiting on responses from 4 more schools. If any Touro or Temple students could chime in on their experience at school it would be much appreciated. TOURO Pros: -...
  2. dentaldawg123

    Contacting schools for unofficial DAT scores // Help contacting Touro

    Hi all! Do you guys know if we can contact schools and ask if they accept looking at unofficial DAT scores before its verified? Also I tried contacting Touro over the phones and it seemed as if their phone line did not work. Then I tried emailing them and they have not responded in weeks. Anyone...
  3. Biggytooth

    NYU vs. Touro

    Hello, If you had to choose between NYU and Touro, what would you decide? NYU pros: Large patient pool, well established NYU cons: price (duh)-- A good $25,000 more a year. Touro pros: New clinic, a bit less expensive than NYU Touro cons: Patient pool Worth noting that Touro could increase...
  4. C

    I got waitlisted to Touro dental school

    I was interview on the 14/2 and I got waitlisted today to Touro School of Dentistry. Can you please tell me what I can do at the moment or do I still have a chance? Thank you very much.
  5. M

    NYU Vs. Touro

    For applicants who have been accepted to both NYU and Touro, I am wondering which school people chose between the two and what factors were part of your decision? Especially applicants out of state, from different regions of the country, how did you select between these two schools? I know...
  6. C

    What are you thoughts on Touro dental school?

    Hello. I posted the same thread on the pre-dental forum, but I wanted hear what dental students think of the school as well. Touro is a pretty new school that, I think, has potential to produce well-rounded dentists. I am curious to know about the prospects of its long-term reputation as...
  7. K

    [email protected] students, what do you think?

    For those who of you who are current D1's at Touro (or know a lot about the program), what are your thoughts? Any regrets, concerns, feelings towards the school? Any input is greatly appreciated :)
  8. Toothout

    Official Touro Class of 2021 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    This is the official thread Prerequisites: General Biology, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs General Chemistry, 2 semesters or equivalent, with labs Organic Chemistry, 1st semester or equivalent, with lab Biochemistry, 1 semester or equivalent, with or without lab (or 2nd semester Organic...
  9. D

    The Official Touro Class of 2020 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    I did not see an official thread for Touro's inaugural class under the "School Specific Discussions" so I decided to create one.