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  1. sharmylilla

    Being a competitive applicant after deciding on vet school late

    Just like the title says - I am not technically a non-traditional student, but because I decided on vet school late (after my undergrad) I am seriously lacking in a lot of the areas needed for competitive applicants. I did my undergrad in the UK where your courses are predetermined, so I'm...
  2. R

    Path to become a UK Physician as a US medical graduate

    I am a US citizen who plans on applying to medical schools in the near future. I, however, want to become a physician in the UK (half of my family lives there). Is there a path to graduate from a US medical school and then become a practicing physician in the UK? Could you join the Foundation...
  3. J

    What are my options for pre-med?

    Hello everyone, I am a US citizen currently studying Adult Nursing (BSc) in the UK. During my nursing studies, I've found a keen interest in medicine, and I realize that I may or may not be too late to get into the medical field. I plan to finish my degree and move back to the US and hopefully...