university of arizona

  1. E

    General Debt for public health degrees?

    I'm currently deciding between doing an MPH in Biostatistics/Epidemiology at the University of Arizona vs. a MSPH at Johns Hopkins in the department of international health, with a concentration in global disease epidemiology and control (GDEC). I'm well aware that JHU is pretty much the best...
  2. UNCafDDS

    DAT breakdown (23AA/23TS/22PAT) + chance me?

    Hey friends! So I took my DAT on 7/31/17 and here are my scores PAT: 22 QR: 22 RC: 19 Bio: 24 GC: 20 OC: 29 TS: 23 AA: 23 Overall, very happy with my scores! I prepared for 8 weeks, following Ari’s schedule. Additionally, I am a Bio major with minors in Chem and Art. I took a few...
  3. abolt18

    U of AZ in Tucson?

    Can anyone shed some light on this program? I'm trying to decide if I want to attend the interview or not and I just can't find much about the program outside of what's on their website. A few considerations: I've only been invited to one prelim year interview which makes me WAY more hesitant...
  4. P

    University of Arizona Pharmacy C/O 2020

    Hey guys I am starting a new thread for the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy class of 2020. Application Cycle 2015. Has anyone complete the application as of yet? Lets get the ball rolling!