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    Experience? University of Houston M.S. in Biology with Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Sciences

    Hi everyone, I am looking to do a Master's/post bac about a year from now and found one at the University of Houston that I am very interested in; however, I haven't been able to find any posts reviewing it. Has anyone gone through or is anyone going through this program and could offer some...
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    UHCOP 2023

    Hello everybody ! Who else has applied ed for UHCOP???
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    UT Austin Congratulations and Inquiries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to congratulate those who got an offer for UT Austin this cycle. They must have done amazing on their interviews! Unfortunately, I failed mine. I got my result recently and I'm still a bit baffled since. So I have always heard this advice that the interview is nothing...
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    What are my chances? (statistics)

    So I'm applying this fall to three Pharmacy schools: University of Texas, Texas Tech, and University of Houston and am super nervous about getting in because of a few factors that I am very embarrassed to have. My first choice school is UT austin but I am afraid I am not going to get in because...