university of illinois

  1. J

    University of Illinois C/O 2027

    Haven't seen a thread made yet for University of Illinois applicants so I figured I'd make one :) (first time IS) Who else applied to U of I this cycle?
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical How To Get Accepted to University of Illinois College of Medicine

    All about the University of Illinois College of Medicine’s admissions process [Show summary] During this episode, Dr. Leila Amiri who is the University of Illinois College of Medicine’s Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment, not only dissects the UI COM admissions process but also...
  3. Fz94

    University of Sydney CVM 2024 vs WesternU

    Hi All! Hi hope everyone has been keeping well. I am a California native, and this is my second time applying to vet school. I interviewed at KSU, WesternU, have an interview lined up at University of Illinois, and have been put on waitlist for University of Florida interview. I also got...
  4. N

    UIC vs VTC

    Hi all, made a new account to preserve anonymity. I am currently deciding between University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria and Virginia Tech Carilion. I am a resident of Illinois, however, with VTC's M1 scholarship, tuition, at least for the M1 year is less at VTC. I am blessed to...
  5. TopGun86

    University of Illinois-CVM - Application C/O 2022

    Hey y'all, Who else is applying to UI-CVM this cycle?
  6. A

    What should I do?

    So, I'm currently going to a small state school which I planned to attend for two years before transferring to UIUC (only about 45 min. away). I did this b/c, at the time, I was just planning on engineering and I could easily do the pre-engineering program at the small state school then...
  7. 2

    UIC Waitlist Chances

    Hey everyone, I was recently wait-listed by UIC (my number 1 choice). I've been accepted to other great schools, so I most likely will put a down payment down for one of those schools. However, I still really want to go to UIC. Does anyone know somebody who's gotten off their wait-list? Or if...
  8. spaceturtle


    I am really in need of some advice, as I am between schools.I have about a year to decide because I am deferring to Fall 2017 I have been accepted to Boston University and UI at Chicago for an MPH degree. Currently I am favoring UIC because I am skeptical about BU's new integrated core can...
  9. L

    SLU v. UICOM-P

    Hi all, As Decision Day approaches, I am reaching out to you all to see if you have any insight on the medical programs at Saint Louis University and University of Illinois, Peoria. Since I am a California resident, I would also love to get insight from Californians going to school in the Mid...
  10. VulneraSanentura

    Off the waitlist: Vet med 2016

    Can't find one for this year, and I'd like to see how it works out for everyone! I got waitlisted by Mizzou and Illinois, haven't heard anything from either (though U of I just sent out their initial acceptance/waitlist letters, so that's not surprising). How's the waitlist purgatory going for...
  11. M

    UIC DPT Class of 2019!!

    Hi all! Interested in getting to know who all my classmates will be! So, if you've been accepted into UIC and plan on attending in the Fall I'd love to hear who you are! I hail from Chicago and am currently in my last semester of undergrad at UIC, majoring in Kinesiology, exercise and health...